Must hear Interview with Micheal Czysz over at Hell for Leather

HFL just updated their post of an interview with Micheal Czysz, with a 40 minute audio recording of the full interview.  It is a must listen.  I have to say I am jealous as it is a much better interview than I feel I could have done.

Main points I took away:

They will be back to the Isle of Man for 2013.

They will be going to a central control unit that sounds very much like Mike Edwards idea using his Superbike electronics as the main brain for his elmoto racer.  I am not saying Czysz is copying Edwards.  I am saying that I think these two very clever men seem to think a fair bit alike, and this may be a direction we see controller technology going.  Watch for it.

Two of the faster elmotos out there have MotoCzysz DNA.

Up to Ramsey (about 2/3)  Rutter was running a 120mph lap.

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