The skinny on Daytona, not quite what we hoped as an event, but the racing will be awesome.

If you are like me (and lord help you), then when you heard that the TTXGP World Final was going to be held at Daytona you had some delusions of grandeur.  You pictured the legendary “World Center of Racing” being near empty in late October with all of the motorsports racing having died down for the year.  The streets of Daytona quiet as fall approached with hopefully the businesses in town happy to have a small but dedicated army of electric motorcycling nerds giving them some business, but the mad rush of the tourist season over.  Then I read about Biketoberfest.  It looked like a small Harley crowd having fun in the fall.  A small end of the year version of Bike Week in the spring.  That’s fine, I thought.  I can get along with a few hundred Harley riders in town where us elmoto guys get the track and our World Final all to ourselves.

Someday folks, someday.

Now let me fill you in on reality.  And husbands, don’t let your wives read this post.  Having purchased my plane ticket I have been doing my due diligence and digging around the internet and asking my buddy, who used to be a motorcycle mechanic in Florida, about the event and town.  Well, the second I said “Biketoberfest” he lit up.  Apparently it isn’t as big as bike week, but pretty damn close.  There will be thousands of bikers descending on Dayton, from what I am told.  I strongly encourage everyone to book their hotel rooms now, because of this very thing.  Also, the party isn’t just in town, but the track will be in full swing.  The CCS championships will be there, as will the AHRMA (the same Historic guys that we run with at Miller), and ASRA.  Basically these are all club racing events, and it’s probably the last race of the season for all of them, so it will be a big deal to them.  However, if you search the Daytona or Biketoberfest websites don’t be surprised to see no mention of the TTXGP World Final anywhere.  The World Final is not it’s own event.  It is running under the CCS/AHRMA flag.  Be prepared for a repeat of Miller 2011 where it’s called an exhibition race by the announcer.  Probably won’t happen, but it’s best to prepare yourself.  You’ll feel less insulted if it happens.

There are many events planned just for the track, that include the Hooter’s Bikini contest, Demos and Displays, and a parade lap of the track.  While the Bikini contest and Leather show peak my interest, I’m not really all that enthused to try to fight through a crowd of men desperate to see a nip-slip in order to actually see anything at all.  Shinny chrome Harley parts and following a mile long line of Harleys around Daytona at 5mph are not my ideas of a good time either.  Although on an Enertia, it might just be fun.  But this is a working gig for me as you all have paid my way so I won’t be bored, that’s for sure.  Now, if you order a head of time you can get a 4 day pass to the track for $50, and the pits open to the public at 11:30am.  However, Thursday and Friday are $10 each for a one day pass, and Saturday and Sunday are $25 each.  But tenting in the infield is free with your one day pass, according to the flyer.  Oh, and Dayton International Airport is literally right next to the track.

So, we will be there with a bunch of loud motorcycles both on an off the track, that have little to no idea we exist, thousands of bikers partying, and a bikini contest.  This is going to awesome and painful at the same time.  I can’t wait to see you there!


3 thoughts on “The skinny on Daytona, not quite what we hoped as an event, but the racing will be awesome.

  1. After years TTXGP and FIM have decided to organize a World Cup final on American soil, home of the best electric bikes!

    Too bad that many of them no longer believe in the championships as an excellent platform for their technology!

    Too late!

    Mission and MotoCzysz great loss!

  2. I talked to the organizers of bad choices in the past.

    However I don’t think are wrong to write the views of the pilot!

    The lightning has made ​​great strides in recent years towards integration with pilot! This is an image of the first lightning on the track:

    This is the last version :

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