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Since there is only 23 hits to the site today I can assume not everyone has seen the new look.  Now that I have figured out that I didn’t have the imbed links for the YouTube videos I am a little happier with it.  Any way I forgot to disscuss who can show up where all of the championships are final.  Last I knew it was the top 4 teams from each series automatically qualify for the world final.  Since there are only 2 teams in the Australian series, that means there are 2 extra slots to fill.  I’ll call them wildcard slots, cause I can.  So Catavolt and Ripperton qualify.  In NA it is Steve Atlas, Kenyon Kluge, Matt Kent, and Eric Bostrom.  So the 2 Brammos, a Zero eSuperStock, and the lone Virginia Tech TTX75 bike, with a long list of riders and bike after th, that didn’t qualify.  Then in Europe It is Mitthias Himmelman, Tang Yu, HoiChi Fung, and Wayne Tessels.  This means only one Muench bike and no less than three ZongShen bike qualified.  But, Peter Linden is on the list twice with the same team but two different numbers.  His points combined would give him 4th.  I wonder what weird technicality got him tied for 6th with himself?  Might just be a typo too.  Who knows.

Anyway, since ZongShen was one of the few able to make the World final last year I don’t see them not coming this year.  And I think it to be certain Muench wants to defend their title.  In other words I don’t see any wild card seats coming from Europe.  I think all of those teams and the US teams will show.  So that just leaves the 2 Australian slots.  But that’s if they can make it over at all.  I don’t see those guys as being able to foot the bill.  I know the TTXGP had wanted to make a better effort to help teams such as those get to the world final, but we’ll just have to wait and see.  If more teams can’t show there will be plenty to take their spot.  Its gonna be a full grid this year for sure.

6 thoughts on “Other Daytona stuff

  1. Its going to be one of the first TTXGP events where there will be some REAL contention for podium spots. I will (likely) be there. You going?

  2. Catavolt is planning on attending. Lightning will be there with Barnes and Duhamel. I don’t expect to see Motoczysz, sadly.

    Still, there is potential for a lot of close racing with Münch, Brammo and Lightning.

    Wish Amarok would show up so Uhlarik could at least get some amount of track time for his effort.

    1. Great news that Catavolt will be there! But I have to disagree with you about MotoCzysz and Amarok.

      This is the World Final, and you should earn your spot to run in it. If you don’t race and earn the points you shouldn’t get to just show up. This makes me suspect about Duhamel running in the final for Lightning. He didn’t run one NA TTXGP race, and it doesn’t appear his points counted in the European series, otherwise his win at Le Mans would actually qualify him for the 4th European spot. Its also time people recognized that MotoCzysz no threat in any roadracing series. That’s not to take anything way from the bike or the hard work the team and volunteers put in. But all they have managed to do in 2010 and 2011 is take 20 to 25 points out of a championship. This year they took none. They are the dominant Isle of Man team, and a serious threat for a race win when they are able to go. But when you compare them to Kenyon Kluge, Catavolt, or Ripperton who raced and finished every race, or ZongenShen, Munch, or Brammo who showed up to every race, but maybe didn’t finish every race, or VT Bolt who missed one race but finished every race they entered. When you compare MotoCzysz or Amarok to those teams, no way have they earned the privilege to run in the World Final. I am sure both those teams would have run every round if they could have, and would have relished the opportunity to earn their spots, and feel similar. Or, maybe not.

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