Official Qualifying Results from Laguna

The e-Power folks have finally posted the link to the official qualifying results.  All I had until now was one article from Gas 2.0, another from Electric Racing, and a tweet from VT tech with a pic showing they qualified.

Now, I wanted to knock out a post out about the rumor I heard that the FIM was going to enforce their 120% qualifying rule, but never got to it.  For clarification here is their rule:

1.11.3 Qualification for the Race
To qualify for the race, a rider must achieve a time at least equal to the average of the best 3 times +20% in at least one qualifying session.

Any rider who fails to achieve a qualifying time will be permitted to take part in the race provided that in any of the free practice sessions he/she has achieved a time at least equal to 120% of the fastest rider in same session.

Such riders will start the race from the back of the grid, according to their free practice times.

Exemptions may be granted by the International Jury.

I have asked Kenyon Kluge about this very thing and he sad last year they let them run and was hoping they will this year as well.  I read later that the FIM may very well let them run as a concession to those battling for TTXGP points, but they will collect no FIM points.  And it appears just that has happened.

So, we have 9 bikes on the grid tomorrow.  The asterisk next to the rider’s name means they will be allowed to race tomorrow, but will not collect FIM points.  Of the riders who didn’t qualify within the 120% VT Bolt, Ted Rich, and TTXGP NA leader Kenyon Kluge were spared.  However, Johnson, who ran qualifying not on his bike but a Zero, and Ely Schless have not met the jury’s exemption and it seems they will not be racing tomorrow.  To me the biggest news from qualifying was Ted Rich laying down a staggering 2:00 flat on a stock Zero S.  That is less than 8 seconds slower than Shelina Moreda’s time last year on a full on eCRP race bike with 20 to 30 (+?) horsepower.  Dude is fast.  Second biggest news that may not be news, is Eric Bostrom’s time on the Brammo.  However, after Atlas pulled in after only 2 laps we don’t know if Bostrom is any faster than his teammate.  A tweet from A&R said that Bostrom was finding the Brammo a handful when “loaded”. Before you start over reacting and pulling your reservation for an Empulse, this is a good thing and a sign of just what a professional Eric Bostrom is.  He is pushing that bike and able to describe the imperfection, meaning Brian and the gang have something tangible to improve.  For Atlas, I would imagine having a teammate like Eric to bounce things off of is a huge help.  Atlas is clearly a more than competent rider, but having someone else who can push the bike at least as hard as you can and being able to compare notes has to be priceless.  I see the Brammo guys having a TON of data and notes to pour over when they get home.  I am hoping this will help Steve battle with Barney head to head for the rest of the season.  The third biggest bit is that Himmelmann is only 3/10ths of a second off of the second Lightning’s time.  They are only 2 seconds faster than their best time last year, but most of the bikes last year went faster in the race than they went in qualifying.  And then there is fog.  Today was interrupted by fog, and what role it plays tomorrow morning has yet to be seen.  I will not be home trying to cover the race from twitter feeds, so you should follow the usual suspects on twitter.  By the time I get home the dust should have settled and I’ll put together a write up.

Here are the official results:

One thought on “Official Qualifying Results from Laguna

  1. Lightning is 2.5 seconds off Mission’s best time in qualifying. Mission was on an entirely different level of performance from all other bikes last year. This year their 2011 times would be “very fast” but not the same sort of break-out performance.

    Kind of reminds me of Japan’s Earth Simulator suoercomputer. In the early 2000s it was the fastest supercomputer on the TOP500 list for several years, without upgrades. Today it wouldn’t even qualify for the list. In 2009 it was decommissioned and replaces with the Earth Simulator 2, which is still on the list.

    I expect Lightning to still lose several seconds from their qualifying time during the race. It will be interesting to see whether the gap is smaller between their race times than their qualifying times.

    I would bet even money that Mission’s qualifying time is surpassed in the next two years. I wonder if they will field a new bike once their time has been surpassed.

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