Confirmed: MotoCzysz is not racing this weekend, and neither is Mission

Gas 2.0 writer Susanna Schick just confirmed for me that MotoCzysz is indeed not running this weekend after we all assumed they would be.  I have looked but have found no official press release or even tweet about not attending.  Instead, I have heard he is attending meetings with MotoGP teams.  It is being guessed that they are pedaling some new suspension bits and pieces.  If you Google MotoCzysz you will see that a few people got all a flutter about a tweet they put out saying, ““@arunisms: Up early but worth it, perfect #trackday” thx to @motocorsa 4 test time. MotoCzysz performance parts 4 YOUR bike! #bignewssoon”  So he’s there, it’s just got little to nothing to do with electric racing.  I sometimes think they have no idea how many, or at least how rabid the fans that they have are.

This is a big disappointment to fans, although what I find odd is the little mention of it coming out of Laguna.  As far as I know I am the only one who picked up on it.  I could easily write for the next 20 minutes on all the reason I can come up with why he didn’t show, but I really have better things to do like potentially antagonize elmoto manufacturers by accident.

Not a surprise to anyone but me, Mission is not racing this weekend.  Dear Mr. Mission’s PR guy, well played.  Your burst of Mission R articles, rides, and the like had me thoroughly convinced that you might make a sneak attack at Laguna.  You played me like a fiddle, whether you even know I exist or not.  I look forward to doing battle next year.

So there we are  What have we learned today?  We learned that in 2012 Zeros are faster and more reliable than Mission or MotoCzysz bikes.  Anyone know a good lawyer?


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