Laguna Seca’s Entry list via FIM’s e-Power folks

Well, here are some surprises!

First off we finally see Ted Rich on an electric, but this time it’s a Zero.  Why, after he clearly did a great job developing the Lighting, he hasn’t been on one I don’t know.  But I haven’t asked either.  Either way it is Ted and current championship leader Kenyon Kluge on Zeros.  And according to a recent Facebook post, it looks like they will be on stock Zeros.  The question s if the FIM will enforce to 20% qualifying limit.  After talking to Shelina Moreda earlier today, the closing speeds on turn one are a big concern.  In this case it would be in the vicinity of 50 mph!  We’ll see if the qualify, and what the FIM decides.

VT are showing up with a different rider as it’s their main rider’s anniversary.  And according to his Facebook page Jeremiah Johnson is at the track and made it just in for the rider’s meeting.  This will be the first TTXGP race he has attended, so watch for qualifying.  Ely Schless has signed up as well, and I think his bike is upgraded if I follow what he told me last year to what the reports of what he is running for a motor and batteries this year.  He may make the qualifying cut off, but again watch for qualifying.

And then Lightning, Brammo, and Muench are all running 2 bikes this weekend, which is awesome.  But the giant elephant in the room is that MotoCzysz is not on this list.  I just don’t know what to make of that.

4 thoughts on “Laguna Seca’s Entry list via FIM’s e-Power folks

  1. I guess he’s doing some substantial rework of the bikes? Should have been plenty of time to swap to the power pack since PIR.

    Perhaps he didn’t want to show up with a single bike, or perhaps he has contractual obligations to bring two bikes to the races. Otherwise, it makes little sense.. with Mission out, he has a good shot at taking home the win at the most prestigious NA electric race.

  2. No MotoCzysz?!? WTF!? 😦 If you can find out, I’d really love to know why they passed on this race.

    This is one of the biggest problems with electric motorcycle road-racing (and there are a few)…the big teams at random failing to show up to the events. Purely my opinion, but no MotoCzysz at Laguna is unacceptable… Like Protomech says…this is the most prestigious event in North America, and second in the world behind only the Isle of Man TT Zero

      1. I really hope that is the case.

        If MotoCzysz does happen to show up (and with 2 bikes), that would make 13 bikes on the grid…and that alone would be pretty darn cool!

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