Scoop city: Steve Atlas and Eric Bostrom to ride for Brammo at Laguna!

I know I have been quiet, but that’s because I moved across town this weekend and have been getting settled in.  There is lots to write about and bring you up on, but this warranted staying up late.

I have heard from a very reliable source (OK, I read a post on a forum written by a reliable source) that Eric Bostrom (yes THAT Eric Bostrom!) will be riding a second Brammo Empulse RR at Laguna Seca, and not replacing Steve Atlas as reported in another site.  Brammo bringing in a top AMA rider to race their bike at Laguna is nothing new.  In 2010 AMA 1000 SuperStock Champion Aaron Gobert was slated to ride the original Empulse 12R at Laguna.  But a mechanical failure right before the race, that couldn’t be fixed, meant the bike never raced at all that year.

Eric has always been a favorite of mine, and has, as far as I know, been retired for the past few years.  SoupKast did a whole podcast just about Eric and his retirement.  Because of this, I believe this is a one off event, and doubt we will see Eric on the Brammo again after this.  Make no mistake, this is big news.  This isn’t as big as John McGuinness racing an electric, but it is one step closer.  If Josh Hayes ends up on one of these bikes, now that would be big.  Too bad no one has enough money to et Vali to give it a go. 😀

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