Want esbk.co to cover Laguna Seca? Please Donate!

Yes folks, unfortunately money does talk.  I really want to go to Laguna Seca to try to bring you the best coverage I can.  I have a basic battle plan that includes mostly Facebook, Twitter, and the audio recorder app on my Garminfone (which is what I use to record the podcast, no joke).  If you want live video coverage you’d better take it up with the FIM.  But for everything else the budget is $1000, of which I have none.  I will apply for press credentials, but we’ll see what happens with that (probably too late).  Heck, I’m not even sure where I’m gonna sleep.  Shelina Moreda seems to think that worst case is I’ll be able to figure that out when I get there.  Great, lol.

Anyway, this money will go into an account that is just for this site.  So, if I don’t get enough to go to Laguna Seca, it will just roll over so that I can make the Miller round, and if I don’t make that, then it will be used to get me to Daytona.

I am going to try to get sponsorship, but with only 2000 hits a month, basically I’d really only be able to ask for enough to pay for one night’s tent rental.  lol.

Yep, esbk.co has just become pay-per-tweet!


Update:  Oh yeah.  The donate button is on the right hand side of the page under the Twitter feed.  😀

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