All of the News from TTXGP Europe Rd 2 at Snetterton, that I can find

After US fans pumped the heck out of the PIR race weekend (there’s must be at least 20 videos on youtube just from that weekend), there isn’t as much available for the second round of the European series in comparison.  Other than the TTXGP’s twitter feed, the conversation on twitter between Mike Edwards, who was on track for at least some of the action, and ARC EV Racing was the best up to the minute coverage.  Basically the home crowd boy on a bone stock Mavizen TTX02 with shagged Continental tires almost took the race win.  Although there is some question about this, though.  Muench’s multi-time championship winner, Himmelmann’s standard tactic is to stock the fastest rider, who in the past has been eCRP’s Branetti, and then attack at the end of the race for the win.  This time he was in 3rd for what appears to have been a real good battle.  I have to say some of the best racing I’ve ever seen came from the 2010 British TTXGP championship, so that good racing happened back in Jolly ol’ England, isn’t a surprise, really.  Anyway, rain was a factor in the racing and qualifying.  The question was whether Himmelmann on the Muench was just stalking, or barely hanging on.  The story from Muench is that their motor has some over heating issues and Himmlemann was playing it safe.  From a 1:22 in qualifying to a 1:37 in the race, backs their story up.  Either way Hill went down leaving the Zongshen bike to eventually get passed by the Muench, for their second win of the season.  Here’s the write ups from the TTXGP:


BEMSEE play hosts to the TTXGP Euro series; British round 2 this weekend.

7th July 2012

ttxgp press

Whilst the rain may have stopped play qualifying in F1 Grand Prix yesterday; TTXGP teams managed to find enough sunshine to get the job done!

The morning practise session was a wet start on an unfamiliar track and proved to be a challenge for more than one of the team…

Whilst the favourite racer from Germany, Matthias Himmelman made seemingly light work of the qualifying session to gain pole position for this afternoon race; it was not without trials and tribulation.  “Snetterton has been a challenge for the team with different conditions between the morning practise and the afternoon qualification session. It wasn’t until after this last session that I felt I knew the track a little better so could confidently push the bike a little harder. I am driving three seconds faster in qualifying than the morning session so am pleased with the result…”  The weather was not the only thing worrying the team.  The smell of overheating motors followed Himmelman around circuit for his last lap, naturally causing the team some concern.  Himmelmann carefully explained “the motor is now 15 years old and has been working very hard recently racing in two consecutive seasons after having sat in the garage doing nothing for over 12 year. Its inventor Roland Garber hadn’t intended it to be used as a race motor when he developed it for Siemens in the early 90’s and was amazed with what the team had achieved to date.  When it was designed its application was theoretical and ahead of its time, and in the fact the motor had never been tested at high voltages used in racing until the team came along and adopted it.   It wasn’t built for its current purpose, and sometimes, they push it is a little too hard.   However, all the safety features kick in and the bike behaves as it should giving this  affable racer pole for the race .

All was not happy in the Zongshen camp either.  With Fung and Yu achieving a second and forth place  “ I really wanted to go out and be fast on the track today but the morning was a wet and a was forced to go slower than I wanted to, momentarily lost concentration and made a mistake. “ the mistake lead to Tang Yu and his bike parting company and a damaged Agni motor  that needed replacing to ensure a successful start to the qualifying session. “the bike was fixed for qualifying but not performing as it should; I feel like I let the team down through my error and know I will have a lot to thank them for; they will work hard to balance the two motors in time for the race and mostly like overnight.  His team mate Ho Chi Fung, too felt a little frustrated stating “ A track like Snetterton is suited to teams racing bikes with powerful motors as it is uncomplicated with lots of straights, not ideal to demonstrate to excellent handling the Zongshen ZPE 001R can deliver. “

Check back later today for a  chat with guest racers Emma Franklin from performance bike and Jeremy Hill for BEMSEE Racing

Pole 49 Himmelman Muench Racing 1:22.458
2 59 Ho Chi Fung Zongshen 1:28.149
3 53 Jeremy Hill BEMSEE Racing 1:37.138
4 26 Tang Yu Zongshen 1:42.351
5 5 Emma Franklin Performance bike 1:47.658

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The Race

Himmelman takes the podium, but Hill loses the lead on Murrays exit (@Snetterton, not Wimbledon)

8th July 2012

TTXGP Press Office

TTXGP R2 Euro at Snetterton delivers a thrilling race with Zongshen’s Ho Chi Fung and Newcomer Jeremy Hill from BMCRC on a Mavizen TTX02 taking it to the wire in monsoon weekend.

In a weekend marked with drizzle and rain, broken with an occasional thunder storm, it felt as if the sun had taken a wrong turn when it appeared 20 mins before race time. The weekend had been wet with bikes exiting the tracks in lots of unwelcome places with Murrays at turn 11 being a popular spot on the Snetterton 200 1.984 mile circuit.

Matthias Himmelmann, the 2011 TTXGP World Champion led the field out with Ho Chi Fung and Tang Yu. Emma Franklin from Performance Bikes and Jeremy Hill from BMCRC were each on a Mavizen TTX02.

After a formation lap, the race starts with a jack rabbit launch from Fung with Hill taking second and Himmelmann slipping into 4th sandwiched between Yu and Franklin. They take the first turn bunched with the two Agni powered leaders taking the lead. As the leaders stretch away, Himmelmann drops into third and with Hill and Fung taking the fight on a turn by turn basis. Over the next 9 laps of the 11 lap race, Hill and Fung battled it out in a thrilling and exciting race. For 7 of the 8 laps there were no more the a sec apart.

With the heavy wet conditions acting as a leveller, Jeremy’s 20 years of rider training and perverted intimacy with the circuit led him to lead on arguably the weakest bike on the field. Riding an unmodified Mavizen TTX02 from the 2010 season, he led a master class display of how much a rider can determine the outcome. The team from Mavizen worked through the night to get the battery pack up to scratch when they discovered a faulty board had dischraged some of the sub packs and damaged cells.

Thanks to the team, the red TTX02 for once seemed to fly, setting an incredible pace. In what looked set to be a podium position, Jeremy lost the front at Murrays with only a lap remaining. You could feel the disappointment ripple through Hill’s home crowd.

Talking of crowds, it was like watching the movie Fields of Dreams. People just started to appear on the pit lane fencing. The crowd grew to cover the entire pit wall. with the race speeding past to a jet engine sounds, the disbelief at the performance of the TTXGP field was palpable. Whatever happened on the track, the campaign for hearts and minds was certainly won. Race it and they will come. And they did.

Ho Chi Fung, a TTXGP regular again delivered his enthusiasm and talent. With the mighty Zongshen corporation and the Chinese state TV camera team in tow, he put on an incredible show leading the race for 4 laps.

“I did very well in these conditions because the bikes were evenly matched – wet then dry then wet..” said Fung, “but the changing weather is something we can’t predict and that has been the biggest challenge this weekend”

Himmelmann held back in 3rd from most of the race, narrowly missing joining Hill on the Murrey turn 11.

“I’m waiting after the start to see what happens in the race. I was not sure about our motor conditions, so I waited for one time to use full power” said Himmelmann, “on the last straight to victory”

Third place with taken by Tang Yu. He was disappointed about his results. The wet conditions were challenging.

“I want to put this race behind me” said Yu, “it was a difficult weekend. I hope to have a good rest of the season.”

The field was joined Emma Franklin from Performance Bikes. She improved every lap and put in a very credible performance for a new comer to electric racing.

R3 of TTXGP Euro Championship 2012 returns to Assen on Aug 4th/5th with new bikes and teams debuting for a tremendous grid in front of a 60k crowd. See you there!

Snetterton 200
1.984 miles (very Wet)
Race (11 Laps)

8th July 2012.

Pos No. Name Laps Total Tm Diff  Best Tm Sponsor/bike
1 49 Matthias Himmelmann 11 18:27.5 01:37.3 Muench Racing
Muench TTE
50 59 Ho Chi Fung 11 18:29.7 2.195 01:38.3 Zongshen
ZPE 001R
3 26 Tang Yu 10 19:53.6 1 Lap 01:56.5 Zongshen
ZPE 001R
4 5 Emma Franklin 9 18:36.2 2 Laps 02:00.2 Performance Bikes
Mavizen TTX02
DNF 53 Jeremy Hill 8 13:28.7 DNF 01:39.0 Lifestyle Transformation
Mavizen TTX02

Related Web Link: TTXGP facebook page

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