VT BOLT press release: Goals met, now all in for the championship

The Virginia Tech Bolt Team


Press Release 7/4/12
For immediate release

On the weekend of June 23-24, Portland International Raceway hosted the second round of the North American TTXGP series. In the midst of well known electric motorcycle names such as Brammo and Motoczysz, there was a new comer to the race, the Virginia Tech BOLT team. As a team composed solely of mechanical engineering students from Virginia Tech, VT BOLT not only traveled the furthest, but also had to most to prove. The PIR race would be their first time officially racing the bike, which was completed only a couple months prior. The team proved themselves indeed, winning second over all and the “TTX75 Award”. “I can confidently say on behalf of the team that we are very pleased with the results of the weekend and plan to finish out the 2012 TTXGP season.” stated John Marshall, the 2013 team leader.
“Our goal for the year was to build a bike that would qualify for and win the ‘TTX75 Award’,” said Micah Lee, a now graduated member of the VT BOLT team. The TTX75 Award is an award reserved for bikes that carry no more than 7.5 kWh of energy storage. Win it they did! VT BOLT finished with a 30-second lead over the other bike that was chasing the award.
Not only did they win the TTX75 award, the team placed second over all out of seven bikes. “These results have encouraged us and made us more confident. We will be competing in both round 3 and round 4 of the North American TTXGP and are very excited to see how the bike does as the season progress and more fine tuning takes place,” continued Micah. The team has also said that even though this season is yet to be over, plans for the 2013 bike have already commenced. The team says the goal is to have two VT bikes on the grid next season.
The team was very thankful to their sponsors for making the win possible, “We would like to thank our sponsors for making such a strong success possible. Kollmorgen has been a critical component of the team’s success. Kollmorgen supplied our motor and controller along with hours of support in getting the bike race ready and the funding to make it to the races. Dunlop, Penske, and Hotbodies have helped tremendously with supplying parts and Boeing, Solutia, and Areva have been essential in funding the project.” You can see a complete list of the team’s sponsors on their webpage: www.bolt.org.vt.edu

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