eCRP update: a new video, and a fundraiser for the victims of the Italian earthquake

Really the title says it all.  But I hadn’t noticed much out of the Italian company for some time, and then noticed a tweet.  I dug around their site for a while and found some cool stuff, plus a press release I’ve been looking for for a while.  Looks like they are still working on the Energica project, which is good news!  I am just going to quote their press releases in chronological order. 


Energica – Energica, full speed ahead!

Trofeo Energica 2012

Modena. CRP Racing, the manufacturer of the champion electric racebike, this year will focus on the development of Energica, electric streetbike.
While CRP Racing, does not plan participate in the 2012 championships, they are creating a rich program of events on track, dedicated to lovers of two wheels. This will include two dates of test-rides at the circuit of Castelletto and Modena and a major venue dedicated to the green and electric motorcycles eCRP on June 21 at the Modena’s circuit.



Energica – A new video is online

Energica. Nuovo video

If the world of electric vehicles is wide spread in the web as well, we would like to share with you the new video that we have created. It tells the wok we have done behind the the backstage of the race and at our headquarters. It is a summary of two-year activity with the electric motorbikes eCRP and Energica. Stay tuned!



Energica – The first ENERGICA Trophy to support the Emilia region

On June 21 at the new circuit of Modena during the event Energica Trophy, CRP intends to promote the commitment carried out by the radio channel Radio Bruno. With a minimum amount of € 10, you will receive a t-shirt to support the area damaged by earthquake You can buy the shirt at the circuit during the event. The event is open from 9.00.

Energica Trophy. Modena Racetrack. June 21 2012

On 21 June the new racetrack of Modena will host the first event dedicated to electric two-wheels, organized by CRP.
A venue that will transform the homeland of  Italian motor valley in a festival dedicated to sustainable technology applied to powerful motorcycles.

The eCRP, the electric vice-world champion racebike will be on track at the Modena circuit while Energica, the electric streetbike can be seen in the paddock of the circuit. Confindustria Modena and Motor Valley have given their patronage to the event in order to reinforce the importance of it for the local territory. Among the partners there will be the dealer of Modena Renostar that will provide the first European electric car, the Opel Ampera. The new era of high-performance electric vehicle starts from Modena and CRP invites you to be part of the future of eco-mobility. Two and four wheels with special guests from the world of sport, national and local media. Other activities outside the racetrack are planned, such as the lecture held by Lapam-Confartigianato dedicated to renewable energy titled “Green Economy: Energy and economic sustainability.”

The event is open from 9.00 a.m. and you come to watch the test-ride on track of the eCRP on the terrace of the circuit, but there’s much more! You can try the Opel Ampera on a real track and attend the first competition of private electric racebike ever held in Italy: the Energica Trophy. You can also see during the day Energica and you can speak with the technicians who are working to its development. The technical staff during the event will tell you some little tricks and devices that you need, and show the work being done in the pits during the races. The project manager of CRP Racing will explain some parameters for the setting-up of an electric motorcycle as eCRP, analyzing the telemetry that provides valuable information on the engine temperature, power absorption, battery voltage, the speed and engine rpm, just like in a race situation. The same technicians will be on available for your questions: curiosity runs on the web regarding future Italian electric superbike. This is an opportunity to dispel any doubt!

For one day the motor valley of Modena challenges what the future will be.

Event schedule:

h 9.00 Registration

h 9.45 Technical briefing with the staff of CRP Racing – Academy eCRP

h 10:00 to 11:15 Test-Ride with eCRP

h 12:00 to 15:00 Opel Ampera electric car trials

h 3.00 p.m. Energica Trophy

h 5.00 p.m. Energica Trophy Award

h 6.00 p.m. Lecture by Lapam


Energica – A day to support Emilia

Teniamo botta!

Energica Trophy a day devoted to electric motorsport and to support people of the earthquake areas. At the circuit CRP has supported the purchase of the t-shirt Teniamo Botta (keep strong), the t-shirt promoted by the radio channel Radio Bruno. The proceeds go to earthquake victims. Even the journalists that have taken part in the event, have given their support.


Energica – Savadori wins the first Energica Trophy

Trofeo Energica Podio

The professional rider and tester of Motoblog Lorenzo Savadori is the winner of the first edition of Energica Trophy after a challenging competition. The spirit and desire to finish first was the setting for the finale of the Trophy which awarded Lorenzo Savadori of Motoblog  by the Head of External Relations of the bank Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna.

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