Why you need to follow the REFUEL event this Sunday

Yes, I just did a post about this,.  And no, I’m not trying to get put on their website again.  Although Empulse Buyer is right, it’s pretty sweet.

Here is the point that just hit me tonight and that I really felt I had to put out there to my fellow fans.  Laguna is pretty much the measuring stick for elmotos.  In MotoGP and World SBK, it is the measuring stick for the American riders as it is a track they know as well, if not better than, all the foreign competitors.  It evens the deck for them.  But in elmoto racing, Laguna is the one race that draws the most competitors every year.  It is also one of the few tracks that has been on the racing schedule the past two years, and now this year as well.  It is the course we use to measure the progress the elmotos are making.  From 2010 to 2011 the lap times dropped a staggering 16 seconds, and we saw how Europeans stacked up against the American teams.  Brammo is confirmed to be at REFUEL this Sunday, and apparently the field will be much bigger this year, all the way around.  Hopefully someone shows up with a Model S.

Last year Brammo’s times were a bit quicker on race day than at REFUEL, but not too much.  With them showing up with a revised bike we need to pay attention.  This is the first clear indication of just how far the bikes have come this year.  There were significantly faster qualifying times at Infinion, but the actual race times were not as fast.  But with some tech issues and highsides rearing their ugly head, it is unclear how much faster the bikes actually were.  This will be our first apples to apples comparison.

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