Was there a worm in my cerveza?

I haven’t thrown out a wacky, speculative, what is he thinking post in a while.  So here I am just finishing off a single cerveza for the night and typing about tomorrow’s REFUEL event on the Brammo owners forum.  Of course I had to mention last year.  Now I don’t like mentioning Mission.  I don’t like giving publicity to people who have awesome bikes and don’t race them.  That, and nothing of interest ever comes out of their PR department, accept when the photos of their race bike in street trim came out.  Seriously, they use last year’s fastest elmoto around Laguna Seca e-superbike . . . to run errands.  I don’t hate them, I loath them, with searing white-hot jealousy.

Anyway I then thought about how the bike found itself on Jay Leno’s garage last month, and then an article by Alan Cathcart about the new Mission R showed up a month later.  Why now?  Coincidence?  An auto product coming out finally?  Or, and here is where I wonder just what exactly was in my beverage, will Mission be at Laguna?  Another path I thought of is that racing at Laguna could be the next PR “stunt” in a plan to build up to a product launch.  Either way, Laguna?  Will I be happy about it?  No.  If you have a sweet bike like that, I feel you should run in a championship.  To me, this is the best way to support the EV community as a whole.  But, I am biased.

For those who worried that my hiatus may have dulled my ability to come up with left field ideas on little to no information . . . need not worry.

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