Refuel is back on in less than a week!

You may be thinking that the above picture is from last year’s Laguna Seca race.  But you would be wrong, mostly because the Brammo in front of the Mission.  This photo is from last year’s Refuel event.

Primarily a car event, last year’s Refuel actually played a pivotal role in last year’s Launa Seca round of the TTXGP and e-Power series.  It was EV only track time at a track what has become the single best attended elmoto race in the world mere weeks before said event.  Last year Brammo and Mission looked fairly close in times.  But in the week or two following the Mission dropped about 10 seconds a lap, and went on to crush the competition, while getting within 10 seconds a lap within the fastest MotoGP qualifying time.

While nothing drastic or revolutionary came of this specific event, it did provide a back drop to see just what a significant event last year’s Laguna Seca was.  Make no mistake, this is an event we will be keeping our eye on.

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