esbk’s Podcast naming contest!

Ok folks, I need help.  I’ve asked everyone I know, and no one has com up with a solution.  I need a clever new name for my podcast, so I can move on with the whole re-branding thing, as mentioned in my last podcast.

As you may, or may not, have noticed, the address changed from, to some time ago.  The site will be renamed “”.  I haven’t moved forward with the re-branding because, as I have mentioned, I haven’t come up with a clever name yet.  The soon to be released round table podcast will be called, “The ESBK Round Table.”  I think that has a nice ring.  Super Bike Planet has the “Soupkast”, I am already using a variation of MotoPod, and ElMoto, while maybe not used for a podcast, is taken.  My roommate came up with ESBKast.  Ehhh, close but no cigar.

So, if YOU come up with a name I want to use until the end of time, I will make you a podcast.  That’s right!  Do you have a subject you want covered, a particular interview, and maybe even a round table.  Now, I only have so much power and influence (OK, none) so somethings may just be impossible to do.  but I will work with you.

So my minions!  Get creative! 😀


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