Electric race news gets the details on this weekend, including the MotoCzysz story.

The big points I take from David’s must read article are :

1) The Lightning guys weren’t there because the bike wasn’t back in the US from the Isle of Man yet.  This makes sense, as Micheal Czysz mentioned while color commentating the race today,their bike only came back this Friday night from the Isle of Man.

2) It was Chris Ancien’s MotoCzysz bike that had the issue.  There was no fire, as I had been told.  But, before I throw my source under the bus, the bike was engulfed in smoke in the pits after the race.  The logical assumption is, if there is smoke, there is fire, but the MotoCzysz crew acted quickly.  There is video footage of the event that  should make its way to the internet.  This story is corroborated by Travis Gintz who was there, with his comment on post on this blog.

Fire or no fire, there was a catastrophic failure of a pack.  Although I am very glad to get the complete story, as I never thought we would.  This means the MotoCzysz team worked their butts off, and pushed their bikes to the limit.  This also means a satisfying and well earned weekend for Brammo.  They were only 3 seconds a lap off of the MotoCzysz bikes in practice, and ran a full second faster in the race, consistently.  Although, the track was reported to be dryer than it had been on Saturday and their bike ran flawlessly, as it did all year last year, making their bike the most reliable bike on the grid, in the post Moto Electra era.  They are very much in the hunt with the other GP bikes which only means better racing to come.

Because of all of this the two TTX75 bikes took second (VT Bolt) and third (ProtoMoto), and the battle for the eSuperStock award was fierce and entertaining.  It is a real shame that there weren’t 10 bikes on the grid on race day but 7 is one more than round one, and a sign that things are growing.  Thank you to the TTXGP, all of the teams, PIR the OMRRA, and all of the sponsors for an exciting weekend of racing!

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