Watch Round 2 of the NA TTXGP live! (I think)

Ok, here’s the “scoop”.  I had heard some mutterings that the races would be available from track cameras that stream live.  No commentary or anything, just live low res video.  So after a tweet posted ny the Bolt team I did some digging.  Go to to check it out.  I am making the assumption the cameras will still be on during the race.  It also looks like someone will have to man some sort of control to change from one camera to another, as it doesn’t seem to be under user control.  I am sorry I don’t know more,  I completely forgot about the whole thing.  The race is scheduled to start at 2:05PM Pacific, so 5:05PM Eastern on Sunday.

But, this could also mean we can watch the elmotos take on the gassers in one of the OMRRA races.  Watch this post for an update.

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