Brammo handed pole for Sunday’s race at PIR

UPDATE(ed):  I just got word that one of the MotoCzysz packs caught fire the battery pack on one of the bikes almost went into thermal runaway and started smoking really bad after qualifying.  They doused it with water for about an hour and then went homecalled it a weekend.  How no one bothered to mention this last night I don’t know.  This would be one of the issues with the TTXGP series, Twitter, and me trying to cover it from a remote location.  And makes most of this post irrelevant.  For transparency I have not erased what I wrote earlier, but have crossed out what I believe to now be irrelevant or inaccurate.  My condolences to the MotoCzysz team.  Clearly a hard fought battle.

No, the sheet above doesn’t have the riders in their starting order.  You have to look at the times and put them in the right order.  But if you do that (and/or if you follow twitter) you will notice that Brammo is third.  The team that was in first and second is going home.  Right now it looks like they simply left because they didn’t go as fast as they felt they could with their “short circuit” battery pack.  This will mean that team has yet to finish a race at PIR, this being their second attempt.  This just happened on twitter and I doubt I will ever get the whole story.  This could just be them bowing out as not to interfere with a points championship they had no intention competing for in the first place. Or they had technical problems that hasn’t been mentioned.  Who knows.

But I do not believe I am overstating things when I say that this is a massive blow to fans everywhere.  And, too big a blow to the series and weekend in general for me to be OK with.  But it is my luck that a I take a hard stance and then find out someone’s family is sick, or something of the like.  So, we’ll just wait and see.  On the upside, it’s pretty much a gimme for Brammo as both the rider and the bike ran very well today.

P.S.  TTX75 bikes are (way) faster than eSuperstock bikes who have bigger packs.  And, I bet the TTX75 bikes didn’t cost as much.  Hmmmm.

13 thoughts on “Brammo handed pole for Sunday’s race at PIR

  1. I dunno, ask the VT team how much they have in their bike.. just parts, don’t count development time : P

    4 seconds a lap is a pretty good time delta, but I bet both TTX75 bikes are putting down well in excess of 28 hp to the rear tire.

    1. Or 6 seconds for the VT team.

      Disappointed about MotoCzysz. Much rather see them show up and race with what they’ve got rather than bow out. May be better for them, but a detriment to the sport..

      Empulse RR is close to the MotoCzysz. Closer than I would have thought. If Steve Atlas can keep a 23 second laptime delta over the eSS bikes, he should lap them around lap 6 or 7 .. may lap the TTX75 teams as well.

      ” a points championship they had no intention competing for in the first place.”

      That seems pretty apparent. TTXGP points championship thus far is a joke. : /

      1. I don’t think the points championship has been a joke. I think it has been very interesting. If Lightning had it all wrapped up already it’d be a joke. But that’s me.

    2. You can buy those motors in a stock form rated at 50hp at the “driveshaft”. A belt direct drive can’t be that inefficient. And, these have hot maps in the controller. I serious doubt they are at 28hp either. VT Bolt’s motor is rated ta 75kWh (100hp), though they won’t be using all of it. Eli’s motor, on the other hand, is running either an AC-9 or AC-8 (if one ever existed) which is good for 18hp stock. And I seriously doubt he has $14k in it. He also took off the clip-ons and some of the fairings for a more upright, but less aero position. And the eSuperstock bikes are still 4 seconds slower.

      1. He’s upgraded the motor and batteries since I saw him at Miller then. He had the water spray cooling and water cooled injectors then too. Really sweet bike.

  2. Looks like they had a battery issue with one bike, but I’m not aware of any issues with the other. Michael was bummed, and hopefully we will still see him out there and he’ll share more info. The bikes are crazy fast.

      1. Not sure where the rumor started, there was no fire, no flames…. just smoke. I’ve got video and He had it under control almost immediately and had to run water on it to cool the batteries so they didn’t get worse. Sounds like they pushed it to its limits. He bowed out because it’s not really worth risking a pack or a rider. He’ll be back… you can count on that.

  3. As a member of the VT team that built the VT bike and was PIR for the race, I can confidently say that we have far more then $14k into the bike. And our motor is not rated 100hp; 70hp is more accurate. And we are pushing 52kW on a fresh charge. We were legitimately concerned about Eli getting ahead of us; we even had pit worker to signal our rider how far Eli was behind him in case he was close. Good for us the gap stayed large. We contribute the large time delta to our torquey motor (we gapped the other riders, Atlas excluded of course, nicely at launch), excellent handling bike, and the high skill of our rider.

    1. Thank you for the correction, it is always appreciated. And I am appropriately embarrassed I was so far off the marks. When I interviewed you guys I clearly didn’t ask all of the right questions. I thought the motor you had was a 75kW motor for some reason. As I said before, that is a different motor than I remember Eli saying he had when I met him and his bike in September.

      OK, so my argument against ProtoMech has no basis, Darn. Soo, this is a tip of the hat to the eSuprtStock formula. Hmmm.

      Having watched the race, Eli was slow off the line (whether intentional or not I don’t know) and actually started behind the Zeros. By the end of the front straight he was got around them, but by then you guys had the gap.

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