MotoCzysz to tag team Brammo at PIR. Has @MotoCzysz finally succumb to’s massive influence?

Ok, now that we have all had a good chuckle at the preposterous notion that is this post’s title, here’s the scoop!  MotoCzysz is showing up to PIR with not one, but TWO bikes.  And, if everyone shows that said they would, there could be 10 bikes at PIR!  Here’s the line up:

(the “GP” bikes)

Brammo w/Steve Atlas

MotoCzysz w/Micheal Czysz and Christopher Ancien

TTX75 bikes:

Proto Moto w/Eli Schless

VT Bolt w/Matt Kent w/Jeremiah Johnson

eSuperStock (all Zeros I believe)

K Squared Racing w/Kenyon Kluge w/Troy Siahaan

OMRRA RACING w/Don Headrick and Chris Page on an eSuperStock Zero?   Turns out they actually have pretty good coverage of elmoto racing.  Their latest article and video interview with Azhar is here.  We’ll have to wait and see what come of it.

News almost as big as the presence of the two Ilse of Man TT Zero bikes of MotoCzysz, is that Lighting will not be attending.  After some issues in round one, and supposedly missing the start at the TT Zero (after multiple changes to the start time), I am not sure I blame them.  They have points, and I think that with a solid finishes at Miller and Laguna, they will have no problem getting into the World Final at Dayton.  They had some slick new batteries at the TT Zero.  Maybe these are the uber batteries they have been waiting on?  They may have even planned on not attending this round after the TT.  My only thought is, the bike was really good this winter under Ted Rich.  So why isn’t Ted Rich on it come race time?

Oh the points season is going to be a good one.  Don’t forget there are manufacturer points to battle for this year (or at least last I knew).  So more than one bike counts.  Zero has had 4 at every round so far.  And they all finished every race.  Brammo’s bucked it’s riders and got no points in round one.  Lightning is missing this round.  MotoCzysz didn’t race round 1 ( no surprise), will be doing PIR (2 bikes) and Laguna (2 bikes?), but probably not Miller if their pattern holds firm.  And Zero is playing the numbers game and picking up all the left over points.  Just who the heck is going to be the North American Champion?  And will MotoCzysz have enough points and impetus to run the World Final for the first time?  So much for just Brammo vs Lightning, huh!

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