Lightning updates from their Facebook page.

I know right.  I didn’t know they got their Facebook page up either.  They also have a Twitter account, and an updated web page.

Here’s the news from them:

Lightning officially entered into Middle-East electric motorcycle market. We are very excited to announce that Lightning made superbike sales in Middle-East region. This is an important milestone for expanding Lightning brand globally. We see this as a beginning of other partnership opportunities in that region in the future.

For TT Zero, we are very disappointed from the results. Richard and rest of Lightning team had work so hard to prepare this race. But there were some unforeseen challenges with new technolgy batteries. We made the qualifying and ,from what we saw in qualifying, we belived that we had right strategy becuase our bike did display faster speed over the race winners.

We had the right equipment and team to win the race, but we were not able to install the new technology battery in time to complete sufficient testing. We took the lesson learned to heart and will move forward with new technology in future races after we have thoroughly tested it in on the track.

Despite the disappointing results, we developed a good working relationship with our new battery partner in Germany. They commit to work work with us in battery solution for our products and future electric bike racing.

That’s enough to keep my head spinning for a while. 😀

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