TT Zero Qualifying. Rutter cracks the TON! But only Rutter!

Ok, first all my info came from A&R (and his twitter feed), Pinkyracr via Gas 2.0 (the nice lady who took the video of the start), and the 2012 TT Zero thread on the forum.

Now, using @pinkracr’s video I counted 11 bikes that rolled up to start qualifying.  I am not admitting to being wrong yet, as the race has yet to start. 😀  Here are the result as posted by Nuts and Volts on (who has his own blog):

Practice Results for the Finish
Michael Rutter
(1) (L1)2012 Motoczysz Elpc 102.508 (22:05.05)
John McGuinness
(3) (L1)MUGEN Shinden 96.953 (23:20.97)
Mark Miller
(2) (L1)2012 Motoczysz Elpc 94.812 (23:52.60)
George Spence
(4) (L1)Ion Horse 1 73.055 (30:59.27)
Olie Linsdell
(6) (L1)MAN TTX 2012 72.706 (31:08.18)
Rob Barber
(14) (L1)Zero Emission TGM 60.501

Mark Miller topped out at 153mph at Sulby!

It looks like 10 teams started the race and only 6 finished (or transponders failed). Lightning started the race along. It also looks like a lot of the team’s slowed down in the last few miles by looking at the split times for each section.

More info here

Although, a photo of the provisional qualifying results @pinkyracr posted listed only 4 bikes!  But as you can see, only 1 bike crack the 100mph mark.  We’ll start with the Mugen.  In a very Japanese and honorable move, they declined having McGuinness got out once on each bike (which they could have done).  Instead he did one lap on one bike like every other rider in the paddock.  However, he crossed the line at over 106mph, and apparently said he had plenty left.  I have heard 2 differing versions of what happened to the Miller’s and Rutter’s bikes.  Either only Miller’s gages failed, or both failed when they started the mountain.  Either way neither bike flew over the finish line, even though Rutter did run a 102pmh lap.  And the MotoCzysz bikes had issues while the Mugen ran flawlessly.  The Kingston folks brought 2 bikes but for some reason the 2012 bike isn’t being run, and it is there.  No word on their thread on as to why.  Lightning . . . [sigh].  Battery pack being assembled last minute again, and not getting a full charge (70%) again, and not finishing the lap . . . again.  This after they lost the weekend points battle for the first round (2 races per round, WSBK style) to not 1, not 2, but 3 pretty much stock Zeros.  Don’t get me wrong a Lightning one each race ( they should have after Brammo crashed out [twice] before the races even started), but they took turns having issues meaning the 2 riders tied for 4th for point that weekend.  I really like these guys, but they have to improve their QA.  Especially if they want to sell production bikes.  And really that is about as far as any one dug, and as far as my interest goes after starting a 6 day work week.

As far as is aerodynamics or batter capacity the bigger problem, you would have thought they planned their finishing positions just to mess with me. 😀  It looks like equal problems so far.  Mugen looks set to take this, but we can’t count our chicks before they hatch.  But a bigger problem is these bikes reliability.  Half the field finished qualifying!  And how many were supposed to show up?  18?

Is this an improvement over last year? And when is the IOMTT going to take this race seriously?  These guys need their own paddock with access to high voltage and high amps.  And the results need to be up on their website along side everyone else’s.  Rutter breaking the “ton” only warranted a tweet from the IOMTT folks.  Speaking of which.  It appears that the FIM scheduled one of their e-Power races on the same weekend as the TT.  At least they manned up and apologized publicly to the teams.  But with little to no coverage of the race by anyone other than A&R and Gas 2.0, how much bang for the buck are these teams getting by going there?  We’ll see post race on Monday.

Here’s a fun fact to leave you with:  Rutter went quicker than 12 of the Lightweight bikes on their first day out.

vis @pinkyracr

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