TTX75 teams will be no shows for this weekend’s race

As I said in last night’s post, only one of the two TTX75 teams that were scheduled to race this weekend will be showing up.  Well, now make that none.  On a hunch I posted on VA Tech’s Facebook page, and this is the thoughtful reply I received:

Virginia Tech BOLT

Unfortunately we will not be making the trip out to Infineon this weekend. While we were testing at PIR on April 12th we discovered several issues the most prevalent being feedback in the motor when the rear wheel was unloaded, and unexpected shut off. Without these issues resolved our rider was not comfortable riding the bike in a race setting and so we decided to postpone our TTXGP debut to one of the later races this summer (most likely Miller). That being said we made another trip to PIR this past weekend for the NESBA track day where besides thoroughly confusing the safety technician we made considerable headway against our problems. The shut off issue has been eliminated as an overheating issue that only occurs in a testing scenario after several cycles of charging and discharging. The motor feedback is inherent to the method of motor control we are using and has been diminished but not eliminated completely. On a brighter note the handling of our bike more than surpassed our expectations and several of the gas bikes could not keep up with us in the corners. While the design process has already begun for our ’13 bike it is our plan to keep the current bike intact because it is so close to race readiness. So keep your eyes out for it in the near future.
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Micah Lee PIR=Pittsburgh International Race Complex, not Portland International Raceway

In typical elmoto racing style entrants are falling by the waste side.  However, there still should be 7 bikes showing up.  It is a hard line for us to walk here at  At least for me, as I don’t want to discourage the new teams as they do what previous teams have done (Mission, Lightning [only this race last year], and Amarok, to name a few).  I will be straight, it is very disappointing.  But at the same time stuff happens.  It’s just harder to watch the second time around.

Well, the chase for the Award will still be close as neither team will be there this weekend.  I guess the moral of this story is build your bike in the fall and test it all winter and spring.  So far in the TTX75 vs. eSS face off, the eSS appears to be winning.

9 thoughts on “TTX75 teams will be no shows for this weekend’s race

  1. Yes, not making it to Infineon is extremely disappointing. However, we are quite confident that you WILL see us (BOLT) at a TTXGP event before season’s end, baring any weird (non bike related) matters arise. As is, we think the bike will be very competitive and really want to see it up against fellow elmotos. We feel good about trying to make it to miller, even if it’s just the rider and a couple pit crew!

    1. I am VERY much looking forward to seeing you bike run. Pick me up on the way to Miller? I was an airplane electrician in the Navy you know. 😀

  2. As a fan, I share your frustration with regards to teams failing to show for the electric races. It is disheartening…. This question likely has many answers, but what is it going to take to get teams not only to be interested in participating, but to actually show up?!?

    1. $$$. Mostly sponsorship money. The same problem MotoGP, WSBK, BSB, and AMA are having.

      The VATech team has an excuse as they ave a semester schedule they are stuck with.

  3. That’s not too surprising I suppose. Though, with WSBK, AMA and BSB, at least they have full grids.

    I can understand that. It’s not the university teams that frustrate me…but rather the bigger teams and manufacturers. In an ideal world, besides Brammo and Lightning, we should have MotoCzysz, Mission, and Zero (as a “factory” team) also out on the grid for the TTXGP series…especially considering the first three rounds (Infineon, PIR and Laguna Seca) are all west coast venues, and these are all west coast companies. Instead, we are lucky any of these teams actually show up, with Brammo having the best attendance record so far. Last year’s TTXGP round at Infineon was embarrassing, and to me…unacceptable. Sad thing is…it’s appears to be no different in Europe (at least with FIM e-Power this season so far). I just hope in the future the manufacturers take the racing series a little more seriously, beyond just racing the TT Zero and the Laguna Seca e-Power/TTXGP shared round. Both the series (whether FIM e-Power or TTXGP or heck, even something else) and the manufacturers would benefit, not to mention the fans.

    1. In Lightnings defense in the past 3 years they have only missed one race and that was Infineon last year. The excitement was so built up amongst us fans for that race that it seems to count for several rounds. 😀 Brammo, didn’t make any of the 2010 races. So Lightning actually has the better record.

      MotoCzysz’s lack of participation in anything other than the TT and an FIM or TTXGP round is disappointing. He has his reasons, although I am not completely sure what they are. I feel that the added presence of just the MotoCzysz team in the NA TTXGP series would be a huge boone for everyone involved. Three top teams battling it out every weekend would be very compelling racing. But remember MotoCsyzs isn’t a manufacturer lie the others. I seriously doubt you will see a prototype elmoto racer from Zero. They’re not Buell. However, I see them taking Brammo on head to head in the eSuperSport series wit their production bikes.

  4. I think, depending on what the final rules end up being, that the eSuperSport idea is a good one. That could certainly help boost grid numbers for any electric race series in the near future.

  5. I assume it’s pretty easy to get into the eSS race class. Write Zero a five figure check, buy some race tires and you’re set to go. The current TTX75 competitors are basically homebrew bikes, potential reward (speed / performance) is quite high but the development costs, primarily time, are very steep.

    I assume the Empulse TTX discussed last year would be raced in the TTX75 class. Wonder if Empulse Rs will be raced in the eSS class as well. Might be interesting, definitely confusing – Empulse R eSS has more avg power & energy available, TTX has presumably higher cost, better racing components and lighter weight (6 BPM 15/90 maybe? 8.0 kWh)

    Hope the TTX75 competitors can wrap up testing and make the next race. Hard work deserves its reward.

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