PinkyRacer in ICU after being run over on her bicycle

Taken from Susan's Facebook page

Susanna Schick, aka PinkRacer, is an avid motorcyclist, motorcycle racer, blogger, fashion designer, elmoto fan, columnist, and most recently avid cyclist.  She has also become become what I would consider a good Twitter friend and colleague of sorts in the elmoto blog-o-sphere.

As of last year I noticed she was entering the world of bicycling, and most specifically, bicycle commuting.  And she was doing it in L.A.!  As a long time avid cyclist and part time bicycle mechanic I have followed Susan’s adventures and she seems to have taken to cycling, commuting, and even advocacy like a fish to water.

She seems to love cycling at least as much as I do, so it was a real shock to me yesterday to read that she was in the hospital not because of a motorcycle accident.  But because some tanned cowardly douchebag and his bimbo, reportedly in a White Lexus, seem to have intentionally ran her over on her bicycle late Friday night.  She is in ICU, and Facebook says probably until Wednesday.  She does seem to be in good spirits even with multiple broken bones and a fracture pelvis.

A more accurate and level headed report with info on how you can help is here.

Get well soon, Susan!

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