Fianlly, TTXGP’s Euro schedule was announced

Picture Credit: photo by Ben Davies, 2010 UEM TTXGP FINAL [from TTXGP website]

Ok, so this is REALLY late, as in over a week late.  But better late than never.  The TTXGP’s full season has now been released with us finally being given the details on the European series.  With Mike Edwards just now posting on  Twitter, “Was considering starting a CRT project but with new limits on cost of satellite bikes not sure the market is there any longer…” “On the plus side we will shortly be kicking off the chassis and battery packaging design process for our electric race bike.”  And internet rumors that CRP will not race this season, it is still up in the air if it will be the continental series to watch or not.

Here’s the press release:

TTXGP and UEM present the 2012 electric road racing EC

30th March 2012

TTXGP press office

UEM will be the sanctioning body of this season of the TTXGP Euro Championship. The 2012 TTXGP Euro will consist of a total of 3 races across Sweden, Britain and the Netherlands. These three rounds will be supplemented by the two rounds TTXGP will join FIM epower in France and Germany making a total race season of 5 rounds for the Euro championship.

An exciting season is ahead with new racers and promises of technology improvements.

Round 1: Falkenberg (Sweden) May 19th – May 20th

The 2012 TTXGP Euro Championship opening round will take place at the fastest race circuit in Scandinavian racing, Falkenberg is like a high-speed oval with two fast corners, and a slow corner with a chicane and should provide exciting racing for the TTXGP teams this May. ‘A fantastic opportunity to show that motorsport isn’t always about noise – it can be exciting and innovating without the problems normally associated with our sport” said Sven Göte Svensson at the Falkenberg Motortrack. Scandinavia is a big potential market for zero carbon technologies and we are excited to be able to present the worlds best known and established electric race to this progressive and responsive audience

Round 2: Snetterton (Great Britain) July 7th – July 8th

BMCRC races have become a home for TTXGP Euro UK based racers and we are certainly pleased to be running with them once again this year at Snetterton, the Norfolk circuit celebrated both its 60th anniversary and a multi-million pound redevelopment project, which met with rave reviews from both spectators and competitors alike.

Round 3: Assen (The Netherlands) August 4th – August 5th

Europe’s biggest combined annual racing event at the ‘cathedral of motorsports’, the TT Circuit Assen. The official and only Dutch round in the TTXGP Euro Championship, Assen will be memorable. With an expected 50.000+ crowd the GAMMA Racing Day organization and TTXGP Euro look set to strengthen their position as the world’s leading eGrandPrix venue. This marks the first of a multiyear contract between Gamma racing and TTXGP will see electric racing committed to Assen till 2014.

The two rounds TTXGP will join FIM epower are 

Oschersleben (GER)  – FIM Endurance WC  11-12 August

Le Mans (FRA) 24 Hours of Le Mans – FIM Endurance WC  7-8 September

These rounds continue the collaboration started in 2012, and signal a positive step in the growth and  promotion of electric clean emission road racing.  Holding a selection of joint rounds allows the teams the best possible stage to promote the sport, the technology and the future to the next generation of motorsport.

 WORLD FINAL:- Daytona 19-21st  October

For the first time in TTXGP History, we bring our World Final Race to the USA.

Azhar Hussain, founder and CEO of TTXGP said, “The UEM have been an amazing source of assistance providing invaluable guidance and support since 2010 and we are very happy to have this formal agreement to work together to promote the next generation of road racing and are looking forward to an exciting season as well as building on a successful relationship to grow our sport the next level. “

Vincenzo Mazzi, UEM President, said “We are looking forward to this new European Championship and we are sure that electric racing is going to be an important direction for the future of motorcycling sports”.

6 thoughts on “Fianlly, TTXGP’s Euro schedule was announced

  1. Awesome news that Mike Edwards is still looking to race an electric bike in TTXGP. 🙂 But…are they planning on making the first round of the series in Europe? It doesn’t sound like he’s got a whole lot of time to get his entry ready if he is still at the chassis and battery pack design stage. I hope I’m wrong…

    No CRP racing this year?!? Maaan…that would be a huge loss for TTXGP.

    1. Mike is just starting the design process. So that, if he raises the funds to build it he can start right away. I don’t think the money is looking any better than it was before, but maybe having some concrete drawings and specs will help.

      The CRP has been speculation for a while. Some have thought it forgone conclusion, but I was not so certain. And until I see an official announcement, I’m still not. They are Italian’s after all.

  2. Just starting the design process?!?!? Geeeez….I would’ve thought he had something already on paper to show to potential investors and sponsors. That really surprises me that he didn’t, but aaah well I guess…

    1. Ahh, not staring but finalizing. Honestly I know he had done a lot of talking, planning, and research, and had a team he could put together. Now I think he has the money to pay them to do their thing. If I find the time I will try to get him to write something up to clarify.

  3. OK…that makes much more sense. Thank you for clarifying that!

    I’m just really interested in seeing what Edwards and his MIST team could and would bring to the table should they get the necessary funding to go e-bike racing. I’m hoping it would be pretty kick-ass.

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