Still warm press release: TTXGP and FIM still together again . . .

Courtesy of the TTXGP

Ok, there is a Pro-Tour team winning with a mechanical Shimano drivetrain on a Bianchi, and now this.  The end time is coming folks. 😀

Here you go:

PRESS RELEASE:  Wednesday 14th March


Strengthening the collaboration between FIM and TTXGP both parties have once again agreed to combine three rounds of their respective race series  2012 FIM e-Power International Championship and the TTXGP World Series 2012.

The joint events will be:

28-29 July         Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (USA) – FIM MotoGP WC

11-12 August     Oschersleben (GER)  – FIM Endurance WC

7-8 September  Le Mans (FRA) 24 Hours of Le Mans – FIM Endurance WC

With a continuing collaboration in 2012, and looking back at some of the most exciting eRacing in the previous year, this partnership will be a positive step in the growth and  promotion of electric clean emission road racing.  Holding a selection of joint rounds allows the teams the best possible stage to promote the sport, the technology and the future to the next generation of motorsport.

“This is another exciting step in the journey for eRacing enthousiasts and opens the path to creating a unified, world leading platform for the next generation of innovators, sportsmen and fans. Our combined resources focused behind a single goal has an historic opportunity to deliver a transformational mission to motorsports and beyond.”  said Azhar Hussain MBE, founder of TTXGP.


Great, and next thing we know Zero is going to go into a joint racing venture with Brammo.

Seriously though, it’s probably a good thing.  Last year worked well for the teams and riders.

One thought on “Still warm press release: TTXGP and FIM still together again . . .

  1. While this is good news…they should be working together for the entire racing season! Regardless who is to blame, the split between the FIM and TTXGP will always be looked at by myself (and many others I’m sure) as a huge folly and setback for electric motorcycle racing, especially at such an early juncture in the sport’s existence.

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