14 thoughts on “Video of Mugen TT Zero bike via @Motoelettriche

  1. So we’ve got Lightning, MotoCzysz and Mugen as confirming to be at the TT Zero. What about Brammo? Mission?? It would be really cool to see at least ten teams (more would be even nicer) show up to compete this year.

    1. I seriously doubt we will see Brammo. I suspect we are lucky they confirmed for the TTXGP. As far as I know Mission is completely retired from racing, and motorcycles all together.

    2. I think in all the series we have seen and are going to continue to see consolidation of the serious teams that have money to spend. I do not see the GPRS class growing too much. I am going to continue to beat the 75 drum and think that class has the most growth potential.

  2. Curious..and this is a little off topic, but how long do you think it will be until Yamaha wheels out an electric roadracer of there own? I always thought it would make sense for them to have one…sorta could bring their motorcycle and electronics divisions a bit closer together.

    1. I think Yamaha will respond quickly to Honda success. If Honda was officially entering the TT Zero, I suspect they would have made a bike ready. But, as it stands I think it will depend on how successful the Mugen effort is.

  3. Any word if MotoCzysz will compete in the TTXGP series (especially since there is a round of the series in their neck of the woods)?? I’d love to see them use the Sonoma and Portland rounds as a tune up of sorts for the TT Zero, though I suppose this is A LOT of wishful thinking on my part.

  4. That’s a bummer regarding Mission…good for them I’m guessing though. Too bad…it would’ve been really neat if they would have eventually let James Parker put a RADD front suspension on the Mission R and race it. Personally, I think electric racing may end up being the ideal racing class to start experimenting with alternative chassis and suspension design such as that (MotoCzysz is doing that, which is very cool!) Apparently no one in MotoGP or Moto2 has the guts, patience, resources, $$$ or whatever to do so.

    My apologies about my qustion above…you did clearly state that MotoCzysz wasn’t talking until the 2012 machine is ready. But still, I wonder if the 2012 E1pc would even be ready in time to use Rounds 1 & 2 of the TTXGP series as a chance to get the bike ready for the TT Zero in June…if that is something MotoCzysz could be considering.

    1. No worries, perfectly fine. We’re all just excited fans.

      MotoPod feels that Moto3 might be the place we seen bolder advancements in chassis tech. But I thin everyone agrees that electrics, because the packaging is so flexible, lends itself to some serious advancements to trying new designs.

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