Mugen/Honda scoop of the century! Well, maybe not. But it is still pretty big news!

Thanks to reader Steven about this little Gem found on twitter!  9 minutes into this interview with John McGuinness he mentions that on March 9th he is going to Japan for his first test ride on the “Mugen/Honda” electric bike!  Oh if this turns out to really be a Honda in Mugen clothing (of which I am still not convinced) I am going have to change my Twitter handle to Mudd.

5 thoughts on “Mugen/Honda scoop of the century! Well, maybe not. But it is still pretty big news!

  1. RC-E? Maybe, but I have a feeling perhaps not. That Honda concept bike to me looks more production streetbike than prototype GP e-racer. Perhaps it’s just me. Personally, I’d like to see whatever Mugen brings to the TT Zero to be a race bike that is the electric equivalent of the RC213V, at least in terms of chassis, suspension and overall build quality.

  2. No, I don’t think an RC-E. Here’s why. For one that motor, while very torquey, is a mere 10kW, and the chassis was designed around it. Also, it was said to be the size of a 250, and you can’t pack enough batteries into a 250 frame to make it go around the TT course at anything above the legal speed limit. I also think the chassis will be more CBR derived for the IoM. Here’s my arm chair engineer thinking. It seems to me the most successful IoM bikes are street based machines because of the reality of the course. I think a MotoGP frame would be too stiff to comply to the bumpy and inconsistent surfaces of almost 40 miles of public roads. I think you need a chassis that has enough flex to deal with the course. Actually considering the bike will be 500 pound or better, I bet they will be taking some cues from their data on the VFR800s development, and then tuning flex from there, with something close to a CBR’s geometry. But I am just speculating, as always. 😀 And that is if Honda is behind this. Otherwise I bet we’ll see a tricked out CBR donor chassis, with matching trick suspension.

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