Breaking Brammo news!!!!

Dear Brammo, forgive me, but you’ve sent me no gag order, or a gag. 😀

Gavin over at the Brammo owners forum has posted basically the entire contents of his recently received news letter on the Enertia+.  Go here to read it all for yourself. I would like to note that I have not confirmed this.  But it would be pretty hard to make this stuff up.

Enertia Plus Pre-Order Confirmation…..The much anticipated Enertia Plus is now entering production and your pre-order has reached the point where you will need to confirm your order by following the link below. Once you have confirmed your order you will be contacted with a delivery date, and at that time you will be expected to make a non-refundable deposit of $1000. The Enertia platform has advanced a great deal since it was first introduced to the world in 2009. Leveraging what we’ve learned from customers along with key developments in electric vehicle technology, The Enertia Plus represents the longest range, highest performance Enertia we’ve offered to date

New Enertia Plus Motor Controller which allows for greater configuration options and more robust communications with the Brammo VCU (Vehicle Control Unit).

Auto-Start Module Integration – The Enertia Plus now starts with the key switch and does not require the button press. The button has been replaced with a stylish aluminum Brammo bull head badge. The Enertia Plus also starts charging when plugged in to AC power. No special key position or steps are required.

Warranty – The Enertia Plus comes with a 12 month warranty and the Brammo Power BPM44/70 batteries with a 24 month warranty.

The MSRP of the 2012 Enertia Plus is now $10,995 – and can be financed for as little as $220 per month subject to credit approval.

2012 Enertia Plus Specifications

Top Speed:   60+ mph / 95+ km/h
Power:   17hp / 13 kw
Torque:   29.5 ft-lb / 40 Nm
Battery Capacity:   6.2 kWh (nominal)
Max Range:   80 miles / 128 km
(based on MIC “city” range test)
Weight:   330 lbs / 150 kg
Level 1 (US) Recharge Time:    0% to 100% – 8 hours

In the Enertia Plus, two BPM44/70 battery modules take the place of the six smaller modules found in the standard Enertia. The chemistry in the Enertia is Lithium Iron Phosphate. The chemistry in the Enertia Plus is Lithium NCM (Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide), sometimes referred to as Lithium “mixed metal oxide”. Both chemistries are well known for their safety and very good life cycle performance. The Lithium NCM has the benefit of greater energy density, which is how we achieve more capacity for the same weight. A higher nominal battery bus voltage (88.8Vdc) and lower series resistance means less voltage sag, higher continuous performance, and greater overall system efficiency for the Plus as well

Upgraded Motor – Although the power level remains the same, the actively air-cooled permanent magnet AC motor features greater efficiency which reduces the heat generated, allowing more performance to be pulled out of the bike before it reaches its thermal limit.

New forged Triple Clamp with much improved steering lock and slightly modified geometry and ergonomics. Reduced trail, plus the increased lock makes for a dramatic improvement to low-speed maneuverability without sacrificing stability at speed. Handle bar position is roughly 1″ higher and 1″ back towards the rider which was unanimously judged to be more comfortable for a variety of rider sizes.

New Cast Aluminum Headlamp Brackets clean up the aesthetic of the front end and make servicing parts in that assembly much easier. The brackets also reposition the dash closer to the triple clamp and change the angle slightly. The new brackets were designed to accept accessories like the optional windscreen with a simple bolt-on kit.

So, $11k dollar price tag, 80 miles, cough up the $1000 deposit please, and they’ll be here in June.  I rode an Enertia at Miller Motorsports Park back in September.  While I am pretty sure I was told it wasn’t a “Plus”, it did have the new motor, ergos, triple tree, and handlebar bracket.  It handled really well when I tried to ride it as slow as possible in tight circles.  So any turning radius issue have been fixed.  And I was told the motor, while the same peak power, has better torque delivery over the entire rev range now.  Giving better, oh say, 30-50mpg acceleration times, which will be handy in traffic.  I didn’t have my riding gear, so I can’t say for sure.  But it pulled strong as I tried not to get run out of the facility hooning it around MMP’s parking lot with no helmet and a pair of shorts on.

Spec sheet to spec sheet the Brammo is $500 less than a Zero S ZF6 and has .9kWh more nominal battery capacity (read: what you can actually use vs total).  But it is 20mph down on top speed, has less power, and claimed range is not that much better.  Back in 2010 the Zero S and Enertia faced off.  The Zero was faster and had more power, but the Enertia won the comparison because it had proper brakes and was an over-all better build.  Is history going to repeat itself?

However, the bigger news is that if the Plus is ready, then the Empulse is not far behind.  My birthday is in March.  It might turn out to be a good month. 😀

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