Ripped from Asphalt & Rubber’s (@Asphalt_Rubber) twitter feed: Mission R in street clothes

How I missed this, I’m not sure.  But Asphalt & Rubber posted these pics of the Mission R in street clothes on their twitter feed today.  You will want to follow the link for the details.  Suffice it to say that this is one company I really wish would follow Zero’s philosophy of keeping quiet until they have something that exists.  Are they going to make this bike?  No.  Does this mean someone else will make this bike?  No.  Well, someday we’ll see this bike on the street, right?  No, no, no, and NO!.

At worst, my guess this is little more than a marketing ploy to drum up some attention from the elmoto fans they have left behind.  At best, this is just a little fun they decided to have and to try to help out their friends at @dstoresf with a little excitement and buzz generation.  Little do they know it’s like Anne Hathaway sent you nude pictures of herself, and then filled a restraining order forcing you to stay a 1/2 mile from her at all times.  And no, I have neither.

Update: Asphalt & Rubber’s article .  Turns out I was close but no cigar.  One of the engineer’s was using this to run errands!  That makes me even madder.

What are we going to do with our omnipotent race bike?  Oh I don’t know, lets make it a glorified pit/commuter bike.  How much will it cost to make it street legal?  Ehh, who cares.  When that TTXGP Matters guy finds out he’ll have an aneurism.  It’ll be worth it!

I’m on to you bastards!


Oh, and this one from Dianese D-Store SF’s Facebook page

7 thoughts on “Ripped from Asphalt & Rubber’s (@Asphalt_Rubber) twitter feed: Mission R in street clothes

    1. No, no, and no. There will be NO 2012 Mission. Mission is out of racing and motorcycles all together. They do nothing other than drivetrain design for other companies. That bike is nothing but the race bike with some street fairings.

    1. Ohhh. Why not? It’s never stopped me before, and it makes sense. 😀 Thanks for the tip on McGuinness as Mugen’s rider! The original language from Mugen made it sound to me like it was a Mugen back university effort. But, I can see Mugen calling over to Honda and asking, “who’s a good company do get a badass drivetrain from?” I can see Honda giving Mugen Mission’s number.

      When did Mission say they were doing the TT this year?

  1. Forgot to say, obviously I am talking about the TT-Zero, the race for electric bikes. Motoczysz are the champions and Mugen entering the race this year with their first electric bike is big news which hasn’t been picked up by any bike sites yet – that I’ve seen at least.

    1. I knew what you were talking about, but thanks for taking the time to clarify. Oh no, it got picked up by at least 4 major online moto mags/blogs. But nothing more than what was in the press release.

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