Going on Hiatus

Hello Fans/Readers/Listeners,

It has been harder and harder to keep any resemblance of a schedule the past 2 months, and even harder to keep up the effort and motivation I found so easy just 2 months ago.  I am taking a break, and I don’t know for how long.  I have lost my energy, motivation, and drive to keep this up.  But mostly I really need to take the time to finish my degree and allow myself to improve my life instead of standing in my own way.  I will post from time to time as I feel the need or want, and will continue to work on the special podcast on charging.  I will even make the time for a special podcast for the TTXGP folks when they announce the schedule, but I have to back off for a while and concentrate on more important things.

Thank you for your support,

Richard Dort


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