Forbes contributor says elmotos set to explode

This article from Althea Chang, quoting mostly from Dave Hurst of Pike research, says that we should see sales of 32,000 elmotos by 2017.  Of course since Zero ranks #1 according to Pike research, Zero is talked about as the top dog and Brammo a mild runner up.  The problem being that on this blog site Brammo news draws 5 to 10 fold the attention that Zero does.  Since Zero finally got things together and has product out, and is flying out the door, they have a point.  However, I think Brammo is by far winning the PR battle, and their product has on track and racing development behind it.  Zero has stated to a friend of this blog that racing is unnecessary PR.  I suspect this will be proven to be wrong in the coming year.  Brammo is taking their sweet time with their bikes, and people have already made the switch to Zero that had Empulses pre-ordered.  However, Brammo has already proven that they can make a better bike from the get go.  In the end it really doesn’t matter because there is a big enough market for both, and they have different approaches.

It will matter, however, when it comes down to the big BRD/KTM/Brammo/Zero/Quantya dirt bike battle royal that someone should do later this year.  We will see.

2 thoughts on “Forbes contributor says elmotos set to explode

  1. I believe that Zero’s philosophy “that racing is unnecessary PR” is a mistake. Racing, especially for electric vehicles, is a great way to show off the new technology, and show the public that you produce an amazing product and can compete with equivalent gas bikes out there. Even if they have no interest in roadracing with TTXGP or the FIM, they should at least be racing their motocross and off-road bikes. With the coming of KTM, BRD and Brammo into the MX/dirt-bike niche of electric motorcycles, I think Zero is going to have no choice but to compete with them both in sales and on the track if their product is going to continue to develop and grow.

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