Brammo update

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The biggest news is that Brammo was approved for local funding to help with their expansion.  All the details are in their blog post.  Basically it will be a local R&D center with manufacturing capabilities, employing about 200 new employees.  They are hiring right now, but pretty much only engineers.  This facility will include a dirt track for testing their dirt bike and Polaris/Brammo EV ATVs.  The dirt track will also serve as a demo for their Brammo Parx system they bought from Quintana.  The dirt bikes will show up first at the parks, and then be available to consumers, according to the podcast interview I just posted with Brian.

So, look for them to definitely release the Empulse (everyone is saying shortly, and really they are dying to tell us) and the Enertia Plus.  Also, the Brammo Parx system should break ground this year with the dirt bikes for rent at the track, and then available for purchase.  Both the Encite (MMX) and Engage (SuperMoto and MX?).  Plus, we can be fairly confident they will be showing up to the NA TTXGP series this year, and we may even see a stab at the TT Zero (but don’t stop crossing your fingers now).  If they do get to develop the Empulse RR with the new 160hpish motor, look for it to be the most solid bike on the grid.  Obviously everyone will be developing their bikes, so who knows where they will all fall.  But if Mission sits on their hands and runs the ’11 bike, like is rumored, don’t be surprised if the Brammo is faster.

All in all, as Brian said in the interview, it’s an execution year for them.  And they are nothing if not ambitious.

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