Zero update.

Well, I’ve been off my game enough that I have to do an update post.

If you blinked you missed Zero launching a cross country demo program as they drove the bikes to the New York IMS show on the past weekend.  Seriously Zero!?  I barely heard about it, and I’ve applied to their media program thingy.  Heck, I got an e-mail from Lightning Motorcycles in that time frame!  This is a big huge ball dropped on the part of Zero’s marketing department.  Mind you, this comes from the same marketing department that doesn’t think racing has any marketing value.  Hate to tell you, but racing only doesn’t have any marketing value when you have already spent years racing and winning like Harley Davidson did back in the early days.  Although, they seem to find racing useful for R&D (well, duh!).

Normally an “A” or “B” scorer in my marketing grade book, this was an F.

However, the 2012 bikes are in dealers!  Hollywood Electrics has tons of photos up on their Facebook page, and from the looks they have been flying out the door.  As a matter of fact a new study was released on the elmoto market, and Zero ranks #1 in business planning and execution.  The bikes look great, and now go far, but watching the video below, they still seem a bit toy like.  A great choice for my short Mom though.

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