TTXGP upate: 1000 days, races up, and more

So it’s been 1000 days since the first TTXGP race on the Isle of Man in 2009.  And, the third year of the series saw some growing pains, some really painful ones.  But there is a lot of good news that just keeps coming out.  First the 1000 day video is pretty cool, you have to admit, but the TTXGP and Mavizen are working with the ALMS and it’s sanctioning body, Dryson racing, and Quimera to come up with 3 new classes of EV car racing, an open wheel, LMP type, and GT type classes along with TTXGP rounds for a full day of EV racing.  And fast racing to boot, with the GT class being limited to something like 850 hp, the LMPs to 650ish, and open wheels 350 hp.  This could be a boon to British tracks that are facing harsher and harsher noise restriction rules.  Think Laguna Seca, but for the whole country.

All this and hints that the TTXGP will probably be expanding it’s series this year, not just in the number of races, but possibly the number of continents as well.  The UEM sanctioning the TTXGP in Europe is helping them secure tracks (as the AMA/FIM NA did last year, although, whether they did it to help or control the TTXGP remains to be seen.  It probably depends on how successful the TTXGP is, and how much the AMA doesn’t want to, or can’t offer an electric class) and means the 2012 schedule will be released shortly!  The race will then be on to see which series, the FIM or TTXGP, will maintain it’s claimed schedule the best.

And last but not least, race videos from Laguna Seca and Karlskoga:

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