New Year’s Resolution: I have an Agenda! That’s right, I said it.

Me trying to take off with the RR at Miller. Stupid track stands!

It’s funny when you say or tell someone you have an agenda.  The social implications are quite nefarious, even if you mean it more in a literal or logical sense.  But I do, I have an agenda.

My big Dr. Evil scheme is to figure out, and then let you the fans know, how to manipulate the current racing scene in order to make good racing.  Not so that I can make money blogging (although braking even would be nice), but because I, and I think a lot of people, want to see good racing.  People want to see these bikes in person, and we have to figure out how to get these teams to show up at all the rounds.  Even the ones in the middle of no where, like New Hampshire, that makes little to no sense to them in business terms.  Although going to the race closest to your battery and the series title sponsor, not to mention how many universities in that area that are working on cutting edge battery technology, makes a whole lot of sense to me.  It’s all down to money and business, honestly.  So far the plan is simple.  Bombard the race teams and their sponsors with e-mails, tweets, and facebook posts until they cave.  If these were small teams who’s race budgets cost more than the bike I would worry, but when you’ve got over $250,00 wrapped up in your motorcycle, it becomes hard to sympathize.  Clearly we don’t want a racing effort to put a team under, so if we make our wants known, and the still don’t show then fair enough.  But we, as fans, are then released from any obligation to support said team.

But that leads us to another point.  If we e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and blog these folks to death, then we are obliged to show up, or at least spend some money.  You can’t say, hey show up, and then not show up yourself.  But making the extra effort to come to a race is a big deal to these folks.  There is, as in many things in life, safety in numbers.  If you can’t go to a race then buy a hat or something.  Hell, buy a motorcycle, but make it clear you bought it because of the racing.  If we can’t support the teams, tracks, and series with a few of our bucks, then we really can’t complain.

This reminds me, I need to look into merchandise availability.  Hmmm.

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