Zinc-Air, what we really should be working on.

Found: http://www.technologyreview.com/computing/39425/

Thank you to EV World for this article on Zinc-Air.  It turns out Zinc-air batteries have the same problem Lithium-Air batteries do, lasting.  EOS Energy, who already manufactures zinc-air batteries, is trying to figure out how to make them long lasting. 10,000 long lasting.  Why zinc?  Well, it is completely non-toxic and abundant, and cheap!  As in $160 per kW cheap!  In comparison 1kW of heavier A123 cells (about the best us mere mortal could get at this time) would cost you about $1100-$1200.

So it is so safe you can digest it, it is one of the most abundant materials around, lighter, and already as many life cycles as lipo.  Why are messing with lipo still?  Oh, right, they just now cracked this nut, and Li-Air has even greater potential.  But hell, the cheap cars get this stuff, and the expensive ones get get Li-Air.

You know you have it bad when you read about new battery tech and you start salivating. 😀

One thought on “Zinc-Air, what we really should be working on.

  1. Thanks for pointing out the updates on these new battery technology advancements! Each one makes the future seem just that much closer…

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