Some saying EVs are a flop. David Herron points out other wise.

Prolific green technologies writer,  David Herron cleverly points out that first year EV sales are crushing hybrid sales in their first few years by up to three fold.  In the little town of Waterville, ME I used to manage a music store back in 2010.  I would routinely see two, three, even 4 Toyota Prius a day either parked or driving by my store front on Main street.  I couldn’t believe it.  But in 2010 Toyota had sold almost 150,000 Prius in the US.  According to David’s research, 2011 has seen over 17,000 EVs sold (Volt, Leaf, and Roadster) in the US, where in 1999 only 5600 Prius were sold and only, 13,000 Honda Insights were sold from 1999 to 2006. So in 2011 alone 4000 more EV were sold than than the total sales figures for the Honda Insight over 7 years.  And people want to kill the EV because the Volt didn’t sell as well as the Cruze?


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