More advancements on the Lithium-Air front, this time ala IBM

Through a write up at I found this article from New Scientist magazine.  The short version is IBM used a one of their really nifty uber super computers to find the right compound to use in Lithium-Air batteries that makes them last, and keeps the from bursting into flames.  Think of it like your Empulse 10.0 getting upgraded to a 50.0, but being the same weight and size.  They are forming a coalition made up of some US labs and businesses to try to get a “full-scale” working prototype by sometime in 2013, with commercial batteries around 2020.

The article ends mentioning that Li-Air batteries will catch fire when exposed to water.   But we’ve heard this before, and people are already working on that problem.

If this actually works out, I can’t see it taking 7 years to get to market with everyone and their uncle wanting one.  But we’ll just have to wait and see.

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