Electrics in the Dakar? I know, right! How bad-ass is that!?

I found some info on the OSCar eO.  Turns out it is using a 235kW (315hp) and 800Nm (590 ft-lb) motor.  And yes, that is peak, not continuous.  It’s 52.5kW pack runs at a nice 512V.  It also uses a 3.5L Nissan V6 gas engine to drive a 60kW generator, which is the same type of architecture the Volt uses.  This means it could not only potentially recharge the pack in an hour, but it gives the vehicle an 800km (500 mile) range “in racing conditions.”  If they are anything like the elmoto racers, they may find it more efficient than they imagined.  After 4 stages it’s still going.  I imagine they are taking it easy, but top speed is only 140kph (87mph), and it must weigh a ton, or 3.

What happened to the McRae/ProDakar EV that got so much hype in around the May time frame?  Darned if I know.  The entry list for this year 4 McRae trucks in the Dakar with McRae and Coronel tested as drivers, but none are electric.  Bummer.

So, what forward thinking country came up with such a clean high tech race truck?

Are you ready for this?

Latvia.  Yes, Latvia.  We’re all screwed.

Oh, and a cool article here, too.  It talks a bit about the truck’s energy recovering suspension.  With a truck that weighs that much, and in the Dakar, that might actually be rather significant.

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