All the girls really want to know is, How Big is that package.

From here:

On a regular basis From time to time you are going to see me say I was wrong.  I have no problem saying this.  Actually it bothers me when someone doesn’t speak up and say, “Hey!”  But that is life.

Well, I have been wrong.  I was speaking to the folks over Manzanita Micro interviewing them for an upcoming special podcast on charging.  In that conversation we got on the subject of the three podium finishers at the Laguna Seca round earlier this year.  Which were, Mission, MotoCzysz, and Lightning.  Now, this gentleman knows exactly what they have, because he has supplied them with chargers.  Obviously he couldn’t divulge what everyone has, because then he would be breaking trust and such.  However he did let me know I was wrong about how much Lightning and Motoczysz had on board for 2011.  The Mission is known have 14.4kWh on board.  I suspected, and have said this much, that the other two bikes were closer to 16kWh on board, and thought Mission had beat the other two with less.  Well, that is wrong.  Mission had the biggest pack this year.  However the other two aren’t far off from what I was told.  And that is where that ended.  He did confirm that what Brammo said was true, and they have a 13.5kWh pack.  This means Brammo isn’t just in the hunt, they are right in there for next year because their bike weighs significantly less.  Mission did what they did with 140hp claimed, and Brammo should be besting that by 10 to 20hp for the 2012 season.  Now Brammo likes to build balanced bikes, and would have analyzed the data, talked it over with Atlus, and will probably give him a bike that he can just ring the heck out of, and not worry about power conservation, because it won’t use more than it needs.  So, if the Brammo continues to stay lighter, then we are looking at a bike that could actually do more with less.

But everyone will be stepping it up for next year.  Its going to be good, as long as they all show up.

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