The MIST is rising! But will it consume us?

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I just heard back from Mike Edwards of MIST Suzuki, and the news is exciting, yet restrained.  If you don’t know the MIST Suzuki team is a British Superbike regular.  They are a small team, but innovative and serious about their racing.  Serious enough that they are looking to do one or two World Superbike rounds as a wild card entry in 2012.  So to have these folks entering the elmoto race world is a big deal.  They would be the first full on and serious gas powered racing to team to join the ranks of the TTXGP or FIM.

To summarize, they have everything lined up and ready to go for a ground up prototype electric GP racing machine, complete with MotoGP chassis engineers.  However, as is the common story of everyone’s lives, they are struggling with raising capitol.  Mr. Edwards went on to say that they have been promised financing, but they will not go ahead until they have it.  Which, to me, seems like a fair and reasonable thing to do.

“MotoGP chassis designers, leading battery and motor companies, well respected electronics companies, etc., etc. on board,” sure sounds really exciting, promising, and like these guy will come guns blazing (well, ok, billy clubs waving 😀 ) if they can get their financing in order.

It sounds like the first real threat to the perceived American dominance in performance to come from the UK.

4 thoughts on “The MIST is rising! But will it consume us?

  1. I am very excited about the possibilities of what the MIST Suzuki guys will bring this year. It would be really cool to see a European team create a bike that is a match performance-wise for what Lightning, Mission and MotoCzysz bring to the track. Hopefully things financially will come through for them.

    1. Nope, not yet anyway. I am still hoping to get him for the show. I have heard something about a reality show that may or may not be in the works. I wonder if the doc, has morphed into that? We’ll see.

  2. Whether it be a documentary or a reality show, I’d like to think that such a production could help significantly to bring in funds for the electric racer project. Especially if the quality is good, it was televised on the right channel, and properly advertised. If it would be as interesting as the MotoCzysz documentary on the C1 990, it could be a hit (or at least a success). I’d rather tune into something like this over say…OCC, anytime.

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