Electric series shaper: Munch?

From: http://www.muenchmotorbikes.com/en/muench-tte-1.html

Clearly no slouch, but not really seen as on par with the America bikes, Munch maybe pushing the technology envelope in a direction that also pushed the rules, and ultimately puts a bigger fissure between the two electric road racing series as far as rules goes.  But why Munch, you ask.  Well, this is all conjecture, but I have it that Munch was the force behind the TTXP’s raising of the voltage level from 500v max (AC or DC) between any two points to 700v.  Clearly they want the room to build a high voltage motor.  But, will this eliminate them from competing in the 2012 FIM series?  Currently, the FIM rules state that the max voltage is 600vdc, or 440vac at the main bus.  Now, not having been able to dissect one of these things I am not certain where the main bus is.  I will look for enlightenment on the elmoto.net forum soon.  But since I don’t know of any on board power source that could be AC, I am going to assume they mean the controller, or after the controller.  Of course, it could just be a poorly written rule.  Until I dig into the reality of this better, lets just look at max numbers. 700V AC/DC vs 600VDC/440VAC.  The FIM has not released the 2012 rule book to the public yet, but other than the FIM not allowing hot swappable battery packs, this could be the start of the two series starting to distinguish themselves, and it could mean Munch has just eliminated themselves form FIM competition.  With Munch being eCRP’s only roadblock on the way to a World title in either series, this possibility would seem to make the rumors about them putting more of their eggs into the FIM basket make sense.  They have a new bike coming to market at the end of next year.  A seemingly easy path to a world title to hang on said bike would go a long way in Europe, where the FIM moniker plays more heavily than it does here in the US.

But really, we just have to wait to see what the 2012 FIM regs will be.  If the FIM follows their pattern of mostly copying the TTXGP rules, then all this isn’t just conjecture, but plain gossip.  But if they don’t, well lets just say it seems that CRP maybe as good at playing the politics in the electric series as Ducati is in WSBK.

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