@Brammosays teaser pic #1

From: http://lockerz.com/s/169287649

Brian Wismann (@brammodesigner) just not posted this to his Lockerz account saying this, “Reflecting on an awesome 2011 and getting very excited for what’s in store for 2012…”

As promised the on facebook all those month(s) ago, it has begun.

What is it?  Well, damned if I know.  I’m not one of these creative bloggers that will analyze pictures for hours and provide some incredible insight.  I’m a music teacher.  I’m throwing this up here for you to see and, see what reactions you folks have to it.

My initial reaction was that it was a head shot of a new Brammo Transformer character.  But then, as I have been writing this, it really looks like an ATV to me.  A really shinny, sleek, and cool looking ATV.  Either way it is most definitely not the electric Victory flat tracker I thought I told them they were suppose to be making.

[Sigh]  They never listen.  😉

3 thoughts on “@Brammosays teaser pic #1

  1. 2+2= 4

    or said in another way

    Polaris + Brammo = Polaris Ranger EV model – Brammo powered

    Side by side

    My reasoning and guess

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