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Well there isn’t much to say about the MotoCzysz crew and the E1PC as the new year approaches.  And because I actually acted in a manner of something like  journalistic integrity, and actually contacted them I’ll refrain from speculating, too much.

The only real info I have is from the MotoCzysz twitter account.  It includes this photo of the the 201o MotoCzysz E1PC on the cover of the 2011 FIM Yearbook.  It must have been really hard to get a good pic of the 2011 E1PC.  Hopefully they didn’t label it the Brammo like they did of Mr. Czysz earlier this year in a video they released.  Either way, the FIM seems to be MotoCzysz’s series of choice and they seemed pretty happy they made the cover.  There were also recently some tweets with links to some of his architectural design work.  It’s stunning stuff.

“But what about the bike?”  I know jack about the ’12 bike; nada, nill, niet, zero.  Accept maybe there is going to be a new bike.  We are all just going to have to wait, but I do believe there will be something to wait for.  Watching the movie “Charge” by Mark Neil, you find out that the ’09 E1PC was 590lbs,66 hp, had a 13ish kWh pack, and some nasty Agni motor gremlins, for the TTXGP IoM race.  Although on the MotoCzysz website it claims 550lbs and a 10kWh pack.  The ’10 was (all claimed) 525lbs, 125+hp, and a 12.5kWh pack.  In an article by Gary Pinchin he says the bike is rumored to weigh 285kg (628lbs).  That’s a 103lb discrepancy!  Both TTXGP and e-Power rules stipulate that max weight is 250kg (or 550lbs) and the bike ran at Laguna this year, so I believe these numbers reflect the numbers for circuit racing and that they pack a lot more battery in there for the TT Zero race, but more on that in a second.  Now, the details on last years bike still haven’t been released on their website, and I suspect this has as much to do the how close last year’s bikes are to this year’s, as it does that everyone there is just so busy.  In an interview with MotoPodcast the day after this year’s TT Zero Micheal Czysz said that he was planning to bring back two identical bikes that would more of an evolution on the ’11 E1PC.  In that same episode Mark Miller said that his bike the “10.5” (last years bike with an upgrade) was 50kg lighter with 6-7% more energy on board, as well as better handling.  Now this was him talking of the cuff with Jim race in thier typical BSing over a beer manner, so I’ll cut him some slack and not hold these number to be set in stone.  Talking to Shane Turpin briefly at Miller he mention the bike being a 500lbs bike at that track.  So, it seems to me that saying the ’11 E1PC set-up for the TTZero was 535kg (518lbs) and carrying a 17Wh pack would be pretty good shot in the dark, but just a shot in the dark.  One thing we do know about the bike is that it has a 200hp motor from video’s posted earlier this year, and the previously mentioned article.

So what about 2012?  Well, hopefully we will see two identical bikes.  I think it’s a pretty good assumption that these bikes will be evolutionary, and not revolutionary.  With 200hp and a damn big pack in a package that is about the same weight but smaller and better handling than my old ’91 VFR, I don’t think there is much need to do anything revolutionary.  However, the ultimate key to elmoto speed, and something Czysz is very aware of is efficiency.  I think the only reason he would need a complete redesign is if he was forced to in order to chase a big gain in efficiency.  We will most certainly see a lighter bike with a bigger pack and better handling.  If I had to guess I’d say he’ll drop 35lbs, the top secret TT pack will be almost 20kWh, and he’ll have evolved the chassis and suspension design.  Or, we’ll see a bike with the same sized pack as last year only it weigh 70lbs less.

Do I know anything you don’t?  No.  But during silly season, guessing is half the fun, 😀

Have a Happy Holidays and New Year’s!

6 thoughts on “MotoCzysz: news crumbs

  1. Czysz, is the Willy Wonka of MotorCycles. No one gets in and no one comes out. He gets you thinking that he’s not doing anything, and then boom there it is something new something awesome. The man does not sleep or eat , all he knows how to do is work and kick ass. I am not worried about being surprised , I just wish I was Charlie and I won the golden ticket to that world , Czysz lives in everyday.

    1. Yeah, it’s my imaginary 20kWh, and even then my imagination really thinks it’ll be luck to have 19kWh. But then again, maybe MotoCzysz only wished they had that kind of storage. 😀

      As far as too much for the TT Zero, I have to disagree with you. The TT Zero is almost twice as long as any TTXGP or e-Power race and at MUCH higher average speeds. As I have mentioned, and will again, elmotos use up much more energy as they go faster (but you of all people already know that). Also, every year the comment is the same. The guys are only using half throttle so they have enough to finish. It won’t be enough until you can go 2 laps and do a pack swap in 30 seconds, and run with the big boys. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that in the TT an elmoto uses even more energy (much more?) than it would at a full length WSBK race would because of the constant sustained high speeds, and the air resistance multiplying. You’ll need about a 40kWh pack to run with MotoGP/WSBK even at sub 400lb weight. The elmotos at the TT might need, what, a 55kWh pack? I’d have to know the Wh/mile consumed at the TT.

      At the end of the day they won’t have enough energy until Miller can just ring the throttle for all he’s worth, and not have to worry about it. 😀

      Thank you for the comment!

  2. As always, I’m excited to see what MotoCzysz brings out for the 2012 racing season. It is MotoCzysz that got me interested in electric roadracing in the first place. Like many others I’m sure, I was disappointed when their C1 990 MotoGP project more or less came to an end…as I really was looking forward to an American manufacturer in MotoGP. But considering how things have turned out, I’m really glad that MotoCzysz decided to change course and make their presence felt in electric racing. Even with MotoGP’s 2012 rule changes with Claiming Rules Teams that potentially make the C1 a viable option again, I think they would be making a smart choice to stay away from that and continue developing their E1pc. All of the E1pc motorcycles are, to say the least, impressive…even the original 2009 machine. Despite Mission winning the Laguna Seca e-Power race this season by a small landslide, and Lightning having likely the fastest e-racer in a straight line, I still feel that MotoCzysz is the team the beat and to be measured against in electric roadracing. Their effort is simply top-notch.

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