Rumors,making mountains out of mole hills, and needless speculation

And now for my favorite part of talking about motorsports on the internet, taking little tidbits of info letting your imagination run a little.

A few little innocent tid bits came my way recently, that have me thinking.  Well, have my imagination going really.  I foresee Munch taking advantage of the rules for next year, or maybe the year after, and coming with some serious power, or maybe a really high reving motor (although physics may debunk this).  They need it.  Brammo has a motor that is supposedly rated for 60+kW, and they beat Munch who I believe was running an 80kW motor this year.  Brammo already has a motor that is about twice the power for next year.  CRP, who were the kings of European elmoto racing for all but the last of last year, will be selling a street bike with a 100kW AC motor, which I am pretty sure they will be racing next year.

So I think Munch is going to aim at the likes of Lightning, Mission, and MotoCzysz, and looking to produce 150+kW motors.  Brammo is going to need more power than double what they have if they want to get close to what Lightning has now.  But that got me to thinking, the little innocent thing I heard, made it sound that probably Brammo won’t have anything extra come next year, and what they could have put in at Miller is what they got.  So while they will be within what Mission was claiming for this year, is Parker really the best company to be partnered with?  And, are they even partnered with them anymore?  My friend at said that the CEO of SMRE was quoted as saying all Brammo motors will be made by them.  Heck, I haven’t heard SMRE retract their video stating that the Empulse will be double motored, while I have heard indirectly that Brammo is denying it.  So, is the new RR motor an SMRE or Parker creation?  And, are they going to be a year behind in development again?  Only 6 months would be an improvement, although they did win a national championship being behind a year in development.  And what about poor CRP.  100kW is not going to cut it if Munch is aiming squarely at the American bikes. Who knows what Mission is up too.  They had some new tech to show at EICMA, but I haven’t heard what it is yet.

Then there are these damned customer bikes.  I know I am suppose to be supportive but this stuff irks me to no end.  Specifically the Brammo TTX for 2013 that will have a 10kWhr pack, and Munch’s production bike version of this years bike.  Neither bike has a snow balls chance in hell in the 2012 or 2013  season as both the factories that are making the bikes, will be running much faster bikes of their own.  It’s like Honda leasing you a 800cc MotoGP bike in next years 1000cc class.  Actually that’s Munch.  Brammo is going to sell you a Moto2 bike.  It’s mind numbing.  Who is going to buy these bikes?!  No where near fast enough for GP, and doesn’t qualify for 75 ( unless you changed it to 7.5 kWhr used).  The intention is honorable, but the execution seems way off.  These are not dumb people, so something else must be afoot.  Man, I hope so.

And finally, poor Azhar and his staff, are working their butts off at the moment, and he and I keep trying to get an interview.  He is working on tracks right now, plus some, well everything else.  You know when people say there is something big in the works?  And you are, “oh sure, that’s what you said last year”.  Well I’ve been around long enough to know that big things don’t happen unless you keep trying to make them happen.  I have NO idea what is going on there in the London office (and frankly I’m grateful I don’t), but I think they could use some luck and love for the Holidays.  Send an e-mail to and just wish them the best on organizing the 2012 season for us.  Maybe you can add a small wish list too. 😀

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Rumors,making mountains out of mole hills, and needless speculation

  1. This was a very interesting read…thank you!

    Personally, all three of those teams…Brammo, CRP and Munch, need to step it up in the HP/kW department. The event at Laguna Seca this year showed how badly these teams are behind Lightning, Mission and MotoCzysz. At the moment, they aren’t even close. Kinda makes Brammo’s TTXGP champoinship a little hollow IMO.

    Just curious…do you know by any chance if there has ever been any talk, rumor or otherwise, about Zero producing a GP-level e-racer?!? My thinking is that it would be cool as a company to see them produce something like that, if only to say “Yes, we do have the capability to compete at the highest level of electric roadracing..let us show you”. I know Kenyon Kluge has been working on a modified Zero S and racing it, and there was also the Zero/Agni bike Shawn Higbee rode a couple years back. But I’m talking something far more exotic than either of those efforts.

    1. Fist off to everyone: 44 hits in 1 hour!? Ohhhh, so that’s how it is, is it? Don’t give you facts and videos, just give you straight, juicy, completely unfounded rumor mongering? Turns out you guys really like podcasts. OK!

      My kind of peeps! 😉

      Ok, I know nothing about Zero. They ran last year for some R&D backing two different bikes in the 75 class. I think more likely they would go 75 class for their needs, or straight in to head to head with gas dirt bikes. Full on GP style racing doesn’t seem like their style. If I had to guess, would say we would only see them if they had some new tech they wanted to develop.

      I see your point about Brammo’s championship. But Brammo won fair and square by showing up, and it is impressive they still had enough in the rider/bike combo to keep the championship. I think Atlus’s ride against Munch and CRP showed the Brammo team is greater than the sum of their parts. But they are still going to need some big power next year.

      Edit: Where are manners? You are, of course welcome, and thank you for continuing to participate.

  2. Considering Zero’s mostly dirt-biased line-up, that makes sense that they wouldn’t be too interested in building and racing and GP-level e-roadracer. Bummer… It would be cool to see Brammo, Lightning, Mission, MotoCzysz and Zero (and any others too) all show up at Infineon in the spring ready for a throwdown…especially since these companies are all based on the West coast. One can dream… 🙂

    I agree with what you are saying…at least Brammo showed up for all the races this season. They get props for that. But some of the hype I heard and read about from winning at Infineon was a little excessive I thought, considering they only beat 3, then 2…other bikes, and all of them shoe-string budget efforts compared to theirs. Conversely, they could have been trying to make the best of a dismal situation (that being the lack of competition at Infineon).

    My pleasure…keep up the good work!

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