Filed under “How’d I miss that!”, Cathcart rides the KTM electric

Typical awesome Cathcart work applied to the new KTM Freeride E.  It is very detailed and the kind of thing elmoto nerds like me love.  The bike is basically 125cc power in an 85cc chassis.  But how will it stack up to Zero, Quantya, BRD, or Brammo?  We’ll see.  Either way it is a must read!

The full CycleNews article is here.

3 thoughts on “Filed under “How’d I miss that!”, Cathcart rides the KTM electric

  1. I’m really looking forward to reading a shoot-out article about those five brands going head-to-head. If nothing else, just to see how each bike compares to one another.

    That KTM just looks fun to ride!

    1. It does look like a good time. It may prove my theory that all the tech that is out there is already tied up, wrong. There may yet be some companies out there that Honda could buy from, or simply buy.

      A shoot-out would be awesome! I am pretty sure we will see the Enertia Plus and Empulse made this year. But I’m not so sure about the dirt bikes. So maybe only 4. But can you imagine a 4 brand electric shoot out?! Mind blown. 😀

  2. Still…even a 4-brand shoot-out between the current and new electric dirt bikes would be really cool. It would also give the public a better idea where each bike stands when it comes to it’s specs and hype vs. it’s real-world performance.

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