New NOLA Morsports park ElMoto ready!


For those who don’t know the AMA recently announced three new tracks either being brought back or added too the AMA schedule thanks to the Big Kahuna guys (AMA schedule here), and VIR isn’t one of them [snicker].  One of the new tracks looks really promising, and that is NOLA Motorsports Park, that is less than 20 minutes from downtown New Orleans.  I recently signed up into their forum and asked a question, and promptly got a response.  Here it is:


Default 220v outlets in the pits?

I know this may sound crazy or just silly to some, but as a fan of the TTXGP (electric motorcycle racing) series I was wondering if at least some of your garages will have 220v available. When I went to the Final round of the NA TTXGP at Miller, it seemed they only had 110v, and one team brought their own gas powered generator in order to charge their bike. 110 makes for long wait, 220 could make for a much shorter wait and help secure a successful weekend if the TTXGP was ever to come to the track.

Personally I think NOLA would be a great place for the 2012 World Finals, but then again I am tired of the finals being the Europe and the US teams not going.

Thank you for your time,
Richard Dort

Yesterday, 10:45 AM #2


We will have 50amp RV power in the Main paddock, we also own some big generator sets that could be put into service.”

OK, so not earth shattering news, but definitely encouraging.  In defense of Miller, the TTXGP secured a spot that weekend at the last minute and they may very well have facilities like NOLA available, but already taken for that weekend.  I don’t know for sure.  Now, the AMA season finale is at NOLA this year on the 5-7th of October.  To me, this would make a great weekend for the TTXGP World final next year, or even better, a combined TTXGP/FIM e-Power event, of course in conjunction with the AMA’s Season finale.

While this could be a a PR boon and great weekend of exciting racing for all involved, it could make for some serious headaches for the people who have to organize it.  Traditionally the TTXGP has prefered to have the track all to themselves for the World final, and Azhar Hussain, CEO of the TTXGP, has stated in the past how he can now see the advantages of being the only event at a track.  Also, there is a lot of pressure on teams at finales, so demand for track time would be high and could mean that the World Championship gets relegated in importance.  However, the TTXGP has ties to DMG, as of last year, and apparently more supporters than detractors in AMA Pro Racing.  It could work.

Either way, I have no inside knowledge about next year’s schedules for the TTXGP or e-Power, much less where either series are looking to take things for 2012.  I just like to talk, and hope it sparks something somewhere else. 😀

2 thoughts on “New NOLA Morsports park ElMoto ready!

  1. Any reason to go to New Orleans is a good reason.

    If charging from generators, one needs to be careful that the output is properly conditioned so sensitive electronics aren’t jeopardized.

    1. LOL! That’s what I was thinking.

      I was also thinking about how it would be nice to try to support an area that has fought so hard to come back after the hurricane disaster hit. The tip about the generators is a great tip.

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