And so it begins . . .

The first of the “we’ve built this cool bike and we’re gonna race it next year” bikes arrived over Thanksgiving break.  Basically these folks are developing 2 bikes.  One is a little 22hp trackday bike that they seem to think tracks will buy small fleets of.  A neat idea, I think.  Maybe some race schools over here would be interested.  The other will be their race bike with 130hp motor, an (already tested but still prototype) 6-speed transmission, and weighing in at 440ish lbs.  Apparently, which French riders will be on these steads is still secret.  Well unless it’s Randy De Punet with his girlfriend wearing a next to nothing bikini, I’m not going to get very excited.   However, to French racing fans this could be big news.

I’m not gonna lie.  Last year there were at least 3, maybe 4, bikes that I can remember that came out and said we are going to race this cool bike next year.  One showed up, the Mission, and it only managed to make it to one race.  The year before that Brammo never showed with their Empulse RR 12.0 accept to break right before the race at Laguna.  No, I’m gonna wait and see.


One thought on “And so it begins . . .

  1. I can understand your frustration about teams talking about racing but not showing up when it comes time to putting your money where your mouth is. When I went to Infineon this year, I was brutally disappointed to find out only 4 bikes, then 3…were even racing. It was sad… Hopefully this year will be different.

    This French bike…I gotta say that I’m not all that impressed. But that is just my initial impression after looking at pictures of it. But if it ends up racing in TTXGP or FIM e-Power this coming up season, well then…the more the merrier.

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