2012 Empulse to be revealed this spring!

From: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=466739320442&set=a.466693155442.255898.108820970442&type=3&theater

Brammo has repeated a few times on their Facebook page, as of late, that they are on track to reveal the production Empulse and start shipping here in the USA this spring, with excitement to start building around the new year.  If this is true, and Zero continues to make their delivery dates, the Empulse will be about 3 months behind the ’12 Zeros.  But, they aren’t really anything alike other than being electric, so we’ll see if one’s sales affect the other.   Also, Brammo will be delivering Hong Kong’s PD their Brammo Enertia Pluses (that is correct Pluses) soon, so it looks like the long awaited 80 mile range Enertia will be available at about the same time.  Get your pre-orders in now!

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