3 thoughts on “EBR contest for a 2012 AMA Superbike weekend with the team

  1. Ironic you said that. I don’t remember where, but I did read somewhere once that Erik Buell, at least at some point, had an interest in someday producing an e-bike. I’d like to hope that may still be true, especially if it were to end up anything a beautiful as the 1190RS is.

    1. I have mentioned it here, but I’ve never heard him say electric specifically. I believe it was on the Craftsman experience video where he mentioned one of his future bikes could be an alternative fuel bike. That could be propane, electric, diesel, who knows. I am just hoping for electric. 😀

  2. Aaaah…OK. Thank you for clearing that up for me. Any of those options would certainly be interesting, though I would think electric would be the best choice for the future…especially if e-bikes in general start to really grow in popularity.

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